Joint Interagency Task Force West



  • Mr. Kenneth Imperial, DIA/DTP-1B, Science & Technology Liaison officer to JIATF-West
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  • September 15, 2009


• JIATF West, in cooperation with the US interagency and foreign partners, combats drug- related transnational organized crime to reduce threats in the Asia-Pacific region in order to protect national security interests and promote regional stability.

• Scope of military counterdrug activities includes threats “reasonably related” to drug trafficking

• Methamphetamine is foremost regional challenge

– Precursors from China and India are fueling production for Asian and North American markets

– Growth of industrial-scale “mega labs” has potential to meet excess demand in U.S. market

– MDMA (ecstasy) production in British Columbia supplies U.S. and Asian markets

• Opium/Heroin trafficking remains a significant concern

– Southwest Asian heroin supplying Chinese market that exceeds diminished Southeast Asian production; potential terror linkages

– Mexican and Colombian sources dominate North American markets; Afghan impact small but increasing


• Specific Counterdrug ISR Capabilities

– Drug Detection Capabilities

• Meth Lab Detection – Frozen Harvest (CEROS/NOVASOL)

• Cannabis

• Opium

– Tagging, Tracking, and Locating

• Maritime Conveyances

• Vehicles

• People

– Persistent Surveillance

• Non-compliant Vessels

• Small Vessel (less than 300 gt)

• Checkpoint Surveillance

– License plate reader

• Commercial exportable technology/data with partner nations

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