Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) Brief


JTF-CS 101 Brief

  • Ken Barber, JTF-CS J6 Communication Planner
  • 36 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • January 10, 2008

To present a general overview and understanding of JTF-CS roles, responsibilities and tools ISO CBRNE-CM (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, High Yield Explosive – Consequence Management) Operations.



• JTF-CS Mission and Organization

• CBRNE Mindset

• Response Timeline

• Force Multipliers


“USNORTHCOM anticipates and conducts Homeland Defense and Civil Support operations within the assigned area of responsibility to defend, protect, and secure the United States and its interests.“ GEN Renuart (14 NOV 07)

NORTHCOM Contingency Plans

• N-NC Theater Campaign Plan (TCP)
• CONPLAN 3400 HD (Classified Plan)
• CONPLAN 3500 CBRNE CM Operations
• CONPLAN 3591 Pandemic Influenza (Regional)
• CONPLAN 3551 Pandemic Influenza (Global)
• CONPLAN 3600 Emergency Preparedness in the NCR (Classified Plan)
• CONPLAN 3475 USNORTHCOM’s Regional Campaign for the WOT (Classified Plan)
• CONPLAN 3502 Civil Disturbance Operations (CDO)
• CONPLAN 3505 Nuclear Weapons Accident Response Plan (NARP)
• CONPLAN 3310 – Aerospace Defense & Maritime Warning
• CAMPLAN 3900 Strategic Communication
• Theater Security Cooperation Implementation (TSC) Plan (Classified Plan)
• Canada US Civil Assistance Plan (CAP) – Bilateral Civil Assistance in CANUS
• Combined Defense Plan (CDP) — Bilateral Defense of CANUS

What is JTF-CS?

• Originally established under USJFCOM (pre-9/11) to address National level concerns for planning and integration of DOD CBRNE Consequence Management (CM) support to civil authorities

• A USNORTHCOM Standing Joint Force HQs of joint Military, DOD Civilian and contractor personnel located at Fort Monroe, VA and organized under USARNORTH/JFLCC. A deployable Command and Control headquarters for DOD units and personnel executing CM operations

• A deployable Command and Control headquarters for DOD units and personnel executing CM operations in in response to one or more CBRNE incidents.



• JTF-CS is the only standing joint operational headquarters dedicated exclusively to planning and integrating DOD forces in response to domestic CBRNE incidents

• JTF-CS and the USNORTHCOM force packages provide a rapid DOD response capability, prepared to deploy and conduct CBRNE CM operations to support the NRF in protecting the public and environment from the effects of a CBRNE attack across the continuum of need

• JTF-CS routinely exercises its unique DOD capabilities in planning, assessment and response to CBRNE incidents with local, State and Federal partners 101 Brief-readahead-20081119.pdf

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