U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Activity Afghanistan Cultural Intelligence Reports

The following collection of “cultural intelligence” reports for the Afghanistan region were created by the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA).  They represent some of the only known public examples of MCIA cultural intelligence reports available on the web.  In 2008, a MCIA cultural intelligence report on Iran’s culture was obtained and published by the Center for Public Integrity.  The following reports on Afghan culture were produced in 2002, but are still believed to be in use by advisers and soldiers today.

Aimaq of Afghanistan 6 pages Download
Baluch in Afghanistan 34 pages Download
Farsiwan in Afghanistan 6 pages Download
Hazara in Afghanistan 28 pages Download
Kyrgyz of Afghanistan 21 pages Download
Nuristanis in Afghanistan 29 pages Download
Pashtuns in Afghanistan 51 pages Download
Tajiks in Afghanistan 35 pages Download
Turkmen in Afghanistan 24 pages Download
Uzbeks in Afghanistan 33 pages Download
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