(U//FOUO) Missouri National Guard Panama Electronic Surveillance Training Presentations

The following training presentations were created by the Missouri National Guard through its State Partnership Program with the the Republic of Panama.  The presentations include training on the use of multiple tools for analyzing information obtained through electronic surveillance including Pen-Link and i2 Analyst’s Notebook.  One presentation also demonstrates the process of extracting cell phone data using a Cellebrite mobile forensics device.  The presentations were obtained from the website of an online staffing company.

i2 Cuaderno del Analista – i2 Analyst’s Notebook
40 pages Download
(2.9 MB)
Pen-Link y Cellebrite – Pen-Link and Cellebrite
83 pages Download
(8.5 MB)
Análisis de Llamadas Telefónicas – Telephone Toll Analysis
16 pages Download
Análisis de Enlace – Link Analysis 12 pages Download
Investigación de Información – Information Research 35 pages Download
Zip archive containing all 5 presentations
(14.5 MB)

MO-PA-Surveillance-1_Page_02 MO-PA-Surveillance-1_Page_07MO-PA-Surveillance-2_Page_38MO-PA-Surveillance-2_Page_53MO-PA-Surveillance-2_Page_54MO-PA-Surveillance-2_Page_60MO-PA-Surveillance-2_Page_71MO-PA-Surveillance-2_Page_73MO-PA-Surveillance-2_Page_74

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