National Exercise Program Overview


National Exercise Program Brief

  • Troy Lane, ASD-HD/ASA, NEP
  • Ron Hessdoerfer, N-NC/J713 NEP, Interagency Coordination
  • 28 pages
  • March 20, 2009

• NEP encompasses the following:
• Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)
• Five-Year National Exercise Schedule
• Corrective Action Program (CAP)
• Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS) System
• President George W. Bush approved the NEP Implementation Plan (I-Plan) on April 11, 2007; the Homeland Security Council (HSC) and the Deputies Committee approved modifications to the NEP IPlan and Five-Year National Exercise Schedule in December 2008
• Department and agency designees coordinate their roles and responsibilities through the NEP Executive Steering Committee, chaired by the Director of the FEMA National Exercise Division (NED)
• OSD-HD/ASA and Joint Staff J7 represented DOD on the NEP Executive Steering Committee

NEP program components include:

  • Tiered National Level Exercises (NLEs) (national security and homeland security exercises) centered on White House directed, U.S. Government-wide strategy and policy
  • Principal Level Exercises (PLEs) (cabinet level exercises) focused on current U.S. Government-wide strategic issues
  • Five-year schedule of significant national level exercises with a strategic U.S. Government-wide focus
  • National Exercise Schedule (NEXS) (schedule of all Federal, State, and local exercises)

• HSC Disaster Readiness Group’s Exercise & Evaluation Sub-Policy Coordination Committee (E&E sub-PCC) recommends exercise priorities, goals, objectives, schedule, and corrective action issues to the Deputies Committee for approval
• DHS/FEMA-chaired NEP Executive Steering Committee supports day- to-day coordination
• Develops proposed exercise priorities, goals, objectives, schedule, and corrective action issues for the E&E Sub-PCC
• Charged with ensuring that all NEP exercises are successfully coordinated and conducted
• Comprised of representatives across the USG
• Defines and drafts a NEP Five-Year Exercise Schedule




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