National Level Exercise 2011 Draft Planning Overview

National Level Exercise 2011 Planning Overview

  • 43 pages
  • Draft
  • For Exercise Planning Use Only
  • December 10, 2010


National Overview

Focus: Domestic, non-terrorism; Major Earthquake (specific focus on a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ)) the exercise concept was created in 2006 as a follow-on task to the Federal Emergency Manage Agency (FEMA) NMSZ Catastrophic Planning Initiative.

NLE 11 will be a Functional Exercise (FE) that will last approximately four days with a specific focus on the first 72 hours. This exercise is designed to provide FEMA with a crucible to test Administrator Fugate’s mission for the Federal government to make decisions and take action within the first 72 hours of a major disaster that will have positive effect on life saving and life sustaining activities.

• Federal Interagency
• FEMA Regions: IV, V, VI, VII
• States: AL, AR, IL, IN, MS, MO, TN, KY
• Exercise may include many counties
• Private Sector (over 200 companies have expressed interest)
• NGO’s, community and faith based organizations

Planning Structure: NLE 11 is being planned using a working group concept. Each working group
focuses on a specific exercise function and it integrated through the Federal, Regional, state and local
• Coordination Working Group (CWG)
• Scenario Working Group (SWG)
• Training Working Group (TWG)
• External Affairs Working Group (EAWG)
• Private Sector Working Group (PSWG)
• Control & Evaluation Working Group (CEWG)
• Citizen & Community Preparedness Working Group (CCPWG)
• Recovery Working Group (RWG)
• International Working Group (IWG)

Linked Exercises

Ardent Sentry 11 – AS11 is USNORTHCOM’s Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) exercise. It includes broad participation from the command and its components. AS11 has agreed to play off of the same combined scenario and ground truth that NLE11 players will use. Under the AS11 umbrella there are a number of exercises:

‐ Ultimate Caduceus 11 – US Transportation Command sponsored patient movement exercise
‐ Turbo Challenge 11 – US Transportation Command sponsored sustainment exercise
‐ Noble Lifesaver 11 – US Dept. of Health and Human Services sponsored patient movement exercise
‐ Vigilant Guard 11 – National Guard Bureau sponsored exercise for the National Guards of Mississippi and Wisconsin. The Mississippi National Guard is playing against the New Madrid Seismic Zone Event, but the Wisconsin National Guard is playing against a flooding scenario unrelated to the earthquake events.

USACE Catastrophic Response Mission Exercise (CRME) 11 – The US Army Corps of Engineers is working with the States of Arkansas and Tennessee to conduct full scale events in response to the NLE11 earthquake events. These drill exercises focus on power recovery and supporting commodities distribution.

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