NCR Pilot Brief

  • Electronic Designation and Validation of Federal/Emergency Response Officials (F/EROs) in support of National Preparedness
    • National Capital Region
    • FEMA
    • Presented to TechAmerica
    • 25 slides
    • For Official Use Only
    • February 25, 2009

H.R. 1 Requirements
Title IV of H.R. 1, the “Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007,” directs the Administrator of FEMA to:
1. (NLT 02 AUG 08) Develop standards for credentialing and typing Federal/Emergency Response Officials (F/ERO)
– FEMA Policy memo to OMB dated June 9, 2008, defined the F/ERO standard to be HSPD-12 eligible NRF, NIPP,
NCPIP (FCD 1) population
– NIMS Credentialing Guidelines posted on the Federal Registry on 24 December, 2008, formalized policy memo
for F/EROs

2. (NLT 02 FEB 09) Establish a Federal Preparedness database system for real-time accountability and awareness
– FEMA has a 100K-seat pilot repository for non-DoD F/EROs within the National Capital Region (NCR)
– DoD has a 90K-seat pilot repository for DoD F/EROs within the NCR
– FEMA will provide agencies with manpower support to capture initial F/ERO enrollments
– F/ERO repository will be populated / managed by individual agencies

2. F/ERO: Federal/Emergency Response Official is an HSPD 12 Federal employee or contractor who is responsible for the execution of the NRF, NIPP, NCPIP, and/or NIMS



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