(U//FOUO) National Counterterrorism Center Guide: Sunni Violent Extremist Attacks in the US Since 9/11

Sunni Violent Extremist Attacks in the US Since 9/11

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Date: July 10, 2017
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(U//FOUO) NCTC assesses that the Sunni violent extremist threat in the US has evolved from one defined by complex, large-scale attacks directed by a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) to mostly self-initiated attacks by homegrown violent extremists using relatively simple methods. Of the 28 Sunni violent extremist attacks in the US since 9/11 only three were directed by an FTO. Most attacks were perpetrated by individuals enabled—through encouragement or operational support—or inspired by ISIS, al-Qa‘ida, and al-Qa‘ida affiliates. This graphic depicts premeditated and opportunistic attacks as well as attacks in which there is disagreement among IC agencies on whether the attacker was motivated by Sunni violent extremist ideology.

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