Nextel’s Guide For Law Enforcement – Subpoena & Court Orders

Nextel Court Order Compliance

  • 13 pages
  • August 01, 2003


This Guide was prepared for Law Enforcement to facilitate the processing of subpoena requests and compliance with court orders for electronic surveillance directed to Nextel Communications, or any of its operating subsidiaries (collectively “Nextel”). This Guide references the Nextel points-of-contact that have been authorized to assist Law Enforcement with subpoena compliance, as well as with the provisioning of lawful interceptions of communications on Nextel’s wireless networks. In addition, this Guide provides Law Enforcement with an overview of Nextel’s current administrative practices and policies required to support these requests.

Any contacts made with, or information received from Nextel personnel other than those identified in this Guide for the subject matter identified, for the purposes indicated in this Guide, is neither authorized nor endorsed by Nextel. It is Nextel’s policy to honor and act on only contacts made with and information received from identified, authorized contact persons.

Nextel Subpoena and Court Order Compliance Contacts

Law Enforcement should direct requests for subscriber information such as customer name,
address, local and long distance telephone toll billing records; Fraudbuster Reports; Calls to
Destination Searches; telephone number or other subscriber number or identity; subscriber’s
length of service, and types of services the subscriber utilizes. Submit request to:

Nextel Communications
Attention: Subpoena Compliance
2000 Edmund Halley Drive Mail stop DS-1
Reston, VA 20191
Contact Number: (703) 433-8860 Fax Number: (703) 433-8842

Law Enforcement should direct all inquiries regarding electronic surveillance, Title III, new
court orders, court order extensions, court order cancellations, switch coverage, and real time
location information to:

Nextel Communications
Attention: Court Order Compliance
2000 Edmund Halley Drive Mail stop DS-1
Reston, VA 20191
Contact Number: (703) 433-4398 Fax Number: (877) 293-9824

Required Documentation for Subpoenas

Basic subscriber information will be provided to the LEA upon receipt of the proper legal
process or authorization. Nextel toll records include airtime and local dialing information on the
subscriber’s invoice in addition to any long distance charges. Nextel subscriber’s invoice will
provide the subscriber’s dialed digits. Incoming phone numbers will be marked INCOMING
and the incoming callers phone number will not be displayed.

The Fraudbuster database is a tool utilized by Nextel for fraud detection. The Fraudbuster
database maintains 30 days of call detail records of incoming and outgoing calls. The
information is not considered a transitional record and Nextel does not guarantee the accuracy of
the report.

Nextel will provide a Fraudbuster report to the LEA only if the agency agrees to pay an
additional fee of $50.00 per number, per request. The LEA must specify in the subpoena
“request to capture the incoming and outgoing call detail records thru the Fraudbuster Database”.
Nextel will not honor any request for incoming and outgoing call detail request without
specifying Fraudbuster in the body of the subpoena. Nextel will not be able to process any
request received outside of the data retention period of 30 days.

Nextel recycles phone numbers once a subscriber deactivates service. It is critical that all
Subpoenas contain the Subscriber’s PTN (the Nextel phone number assigned to the handset,
including area code) and the relevant time frame of the requested information. This will insure
that Nextel provides the correct subscriber information the agency is seeking.
Required Documentation for Court Orders

The Nextel Law Enforcement Administrator will review all court orders to verify that the court
order contains the necessary information required to comply with the desired surveillance
request. It is imperative that all court orders contain accurate and valid information to facilitate
the implementation of the court order.

All court orders submitted to Nextel must contain the following customer information:

♦ Subscriber’s name and billing address if known
♦ Subscriber’s PTN (the Nextel phone number assigned to the handset, including area code)
Also requested but not required:
♦ Subscriber’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) and IMSI (International
Mobile Subscriber Identifier).

If the customer information contained in the court order does not match the customer
information found in the Nextel billing systems, Nextel will notify the LEA that the court order
must be modified.

Installation Fees

Initiation charge for Interconnect and Dispatch Pen Register or Title III Wiretap – $1500
per target

The $1500 charge will include installation in all requested switches within the market. In the
event that the law enforcement agency requests that the court order be implemented in a switch
outside of that market, Nextel will charge an additional $500 per target, per switch outside of
that initial market.

Monthly maintenance fee for Interconnect and Dispatch Pen Register or Title III Wiretap –
$250 per target

The $250 charge will be applied for each month after the month of initiation, and the monthly
maintenance charge will be applied for partial months. A partial month will be billed as a
complete month of maintenance. No pro-rating will be done by Nextel.

Charge for providing “real-time” location information (pinging a phone) – $150 per ping
Charge for Call-to-Destination Searches or cell site information – $125 per number, per

Charge for providing call detail cell site support via reports from Nextel’s fraud management
system – $125 per target, per report

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