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FBI Report: Ambushes and Unprovoked Attacks on Law Enforcement Officers

Over a number of years, data collected by the FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted {LEOKA} Program began to demonstrate an alarming trend in the number of officers who were killed in ambushes and unprovoked attacks. While the overall number of officers who were feloniously killed was declining, the percentage of officers feloniously killed during surprise attacks was increasing. The LEOKA Program launched a thorough examination of ambushes and unprovoked attacks in an effort to gain insight into the phenomenon and to provide information to enhance training programs for law enforcement officers. The research focused on the mindset and perceptions of officers involved and offenders who carried out those acts. In particular, why the incidents may have occurred and how those involved reacted to the situation.

T-Mobile Law Enforcement Relations

The T-Mobile USA, Inc. Law Enforcement Relations Group (LERG) is committed to efficiently assisting the law enforcement community with all lawfully authorized activities. Our Law Enforcement Relations unit is staffed by personnel who are well acquainted with the technical and evidentiary needs of federal, state, and local prosecutors and investigative officers. The unit maintains their proactive philosophy by offering educational presentations, reference materials and expedient, secure procedures that support the mission of the public safety community in an unparalleled fashion.

MetroPCS CALEA Compliance Manual

It is the policy of MetroPCS to comply with the letter and spirit of all laws of the United States, including the Communications Assistant for Law Enforcement Act (hereinafter referred to as “CALEA”) relating to the implementation of law enforcement wiretap requests. CALEA requires MetroPCS to implement security measures to safeguard the privacy and reliability of information obtained through lawfully authorized interceptions of communications (i.e., wiretaps, pin registers, and subpoenas) and to help prevent unauthorized interceptions. MetroPCS Personnel must receive appropriate legal authorization and appropriate carrier authorization (as such terms are defined herein) to implement the interception of communications or access to call-identifying information.

Nextel’s Guide For Law Enforcement – Subpoena & Court Orders

This Guide was prepared for Law Enforcement to facilitate the processing of subpoena requests and compliance with court orders for electronic surveillance directed to Nextel Communications, or any of its operating subsidiaries (collectively “Nextel”). This Guide references the Nextel points-of-contact that have been authorized to assist Law Enforcement with subpoena compliance, as well as with the provisioning of lawful interceptions of communications on Nextel’s wireless networks. In addition, this Guide provides Law Enforcement with an overview of Nextel’s current administrative practices and policies required to support these requests.

Colorado State Patrol 2008-2009 Strategic Plan

• Enforce all the laws of the State of Colorado.
• Direct, control and regulate motor vehicle traffic on public roadways.
• Inspect vehicles for safety-related equipment violations.
• Provide community education and administer safety programs to the public.
• Perform criminal interdiction on Colorado highways, focusing on the transport of illegal drugs.
• Assist in state homeland security efforts.