NYPD Occupy Wall Street May Day Advisory Bulletin

The following bulletin was originally published on the website of the New York City General Assembly.

NYPD Shield Event Advisory Bulletin

  • 6 pages
  • April 29, 2012


Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters are calling for a “General Strike” on Tuesday, May 1, urging workers not to go to work and students to boycott classes in protest of what organizers characterize as society’s economic inequality. No unions are expected to participate in the strike, and some have talked to reporters about the fact that they weren’t consulted in OWS’s decision to announce a General Strike. Nonetheless, some elements of organized labor are expected to participate in their own customary May Day rally (which has occurred since 2004), marching from Union Square to Foley Square to Bowling Green, with speeches at either end beginning at about 4:00pm and ending by 7:00pm. The union organizers involved in that march have sought a permit for it. Details are being worked out.

The “General Strike” was initially proposed by the Los Angeles node of OWS in November 2011, endorsed by Occupy Oakland at the end of January 2012, and subsequently endorsed by the OWS New York General Assembly on
February 14.

There are fissures within OWS, but a “respect for diversity of tactics,” which includes everything from peaceful protests to the kind of vandalism directed at Starbucks in April, when demonstrators tried to smash the windows at the Starbucks location at Astor Place, has been embraced by the movement.

Below is a list of events that are scheduled to be held on May 1. Although the list is comprehensive, various OWS postings have called for autonomous actions, splinter demonstrations, and flash mobs.

Event Assessment

The General Strike is the first of several major global demonstrations that the OWS movement has played a role in planning, including demonstrations scheduled for May 12, May 15, and May 17-21.3 As such, it should be expected that organizers have emphasized the importance of turnout and will be seeking maximum media coverage.

Political fissures that are present within the OWS movement may impact the strategies of demonstrators during individual protest actions; in particular, the Wildcat March is not an officially sanctioned OWS march and may attract militant elements from inside and outside the OWS movement that may seek to directly confront law enforcement officials using barricades, riot shields, and possibly weapons such as pipes and rocks.

Although OWS organizers have publicized a large number of the marches, demonstrations, and activities that will take place throughout the day, it should be expected that “pop-up” demonstrations, splinter demonstrations, and flash mobs may occur at any time, especially during “evening actions” that are planned for 7:00pm and later.

In their planning, the OWS NYCGA has endorsed solidarity based on a “respect for a diversity of tactics,” which suggests that autonomous actions of demonstrators using Black Bloc tactics may occur at any time.

Currently, the weather forecast for May 1, 2012 is partly cloudy with a high temperature of 63°F.

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7 comments for “NYPD Occupy Wall Street May Day Advisory Bulletin

  1. Real 99 percenter
    May 1, 2012 at 1:28 am

    How does OWS think ANY of this going to help them change ANYTHING?
    Why do they think promoting rape among their own ranks and vandalizing Churches and corporate Coffee Chains will make anyone side with them?
    NYC HATES those who increase our taxes and make our commutes home to our families a nightmare because of a bunch of entitled, misguided and selfish kids decided they can get something by pouting.
    When OCCUPY pays for the damages to the 7 churches in NYC that they’ve vandalized (including Trinity Church) THEN MAYBE i’ll listen to them when they explain how they should have their student loans forgiven. I won’t agree, but maybe i’ll listen.
    Till then?
    I’ll do what everyone else does – go to work and responsibly pay my bills. It’s called being an adult.

  2. NoTownKasper
    May 1, 2012 at 3:41 am

    That’s the problem, Mr. ‘99%er’, you assume they want change. If you -really- look at the background in foreign corporations and magazines, the money filtering down from all sorts of sources, their absolute -REFUSAL- to do what it takes to actually become a respectable movement…

    …they don’t want change. They want anarchy. They want to push and push until we’re either forced to abandon the concept of law and order, or lock down on them so tight that everyone screams fascist. There is no middle ground for these people and -THAT- is exactly why they refuse to condemn the vandalism, refuse to do anything to curtail the crime and inhumanity among their ranks…

    …that’s what they’re pushing for. Total Collapse.

    They -MUST- be stopped. Violently if necessary, and some of us…are ready for the day that call comes.

  3. May 1, 2012 at 7:00 am

    Why are you guys lumping every single individual participating in “Occupy” together? That is not only fallacious but to be honest it is quite imbecilic.

    If you have ever been to absolutely any protest, you would know that there is a wide variety of people with various backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs, etc. there.

    In my experience at Occupy Los Angeles I talked to rabid Ron Paul supporters, teenage “Communists,” so-called anarchists, socialists, mainstream democrats and republicans, struggling families showing up after work and school to show their support, homeless people, veterans, and so much more.

    Of course when you get enough people together there will indefinitely be people out there to disrupt, vandalize and even commit vicious crimes like rape.

    If you are serious in lumping all of those people together you might need some professional help.

  4. a US libertarian
    May 1, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Lolfail, you three comments above me are exactly what is killing America. Mindless sheeple, may you get fleeced and done nine ways up the ass by the stooges you elect to office.

  5. Al Dorman
    May 2, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    @ first two comments: Always good to hear from the NYPD.

  6. Mike
    May 15, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    “I’ll do what everyone else does – go to work and responsibly pay my bills. It’s called being an adult.” That’s what the owners of this country expect you to do. Don’t pay any attention to what people involved in OWS or any other similar movement may have to say. Just dismiss them as rabble-rousers with no real message and “they”, the owners, have already won the fight. Instead of actually going “wow, you know the message that crony-capitalism, corporatism, and the unmitigated influence money has on buying and selling our gov might be worth looking into…” you instead whine and complain about your taxes, your ride home, and vandalism to some churches conducted by a SMALL aspect of the OWS movement. However, if getting all in a huff about your taxes and your ride home makes you feel better and more “adult” by all means continue your train of thought and stay asleep to the larger issues of this “corptocracy”.

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