Partial List of Items Prohibited/Permitted into the Gaza Strip

Gisha – Legal Center for Free Movement

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  • May 2010


The following list is approximate and partial, and it changes from time to time. It is based on information from Palestinian traders and businesspersons, international organizations, and the Palestinian Coordination Committee, all of whom “deduce” what is permitted and what is banned based on their experience requesting permission to bring goods into Gaza and the answers they receive from the Israeli authorities (approved or denied). It is not possible to verify this list with the Israeli authorities because they refuse to disclose information regarding the restrictions on transferring goods into Gaza. It should be noted that Israel permits some of the “prohibited” items into Gaza (for example: paper, biscuits, and chocolate), on the condition that they are for the use of international organizations, while requests from private merchants to purchase them are denied. For more information, see: Gisha, Restrictions on the Transfer of Goods into Gaza: Obstruction and Obfuscation, January 2010 (available at:

Prohibited Items* Permitted Items
sage flour
cardamom sugar
cumin sweetener
coriander rice
ginger salt
jam cooking oil
halva semolina
vinegar yeast
nutmeg pasta
chocolate chickpeas
fruit preserves beans
seeds and nuts kidney beans
biscuits and sweets lentils
potato chips peas
gas for soft drinks Burgul wheat
dried fruit corn
fresh meat lupini beans
plaster powdered milk
tar dairy products
wood for construction margarine
cement hummus paste
iron frozen meat, fish, and vegetables
glucose vitamins and oil for animal feed
industrial salt empty bags for flour
plastic/glass/metal containers medicine and medical equipment
industrial margarine diapers
tarpaulin sheets for huts feminine hygiene products
fabric (for clothing) toilet paper
flavor and smell enhancers baby wipes
fishing rods shampoo & conditioner
various fishing nets soap & liquid soap
buoys toothpaste
ropes for fishing laundry detergent
nylon nets for greenhouses fabric softener
hatcheries and spare parts for hatcheries dish soap
spare parts for tractors glass cleaner
dairies for cowsheds floor cleaning fluid
irrigation pipe systems cleaning liquid for bathroom use
ropes to tie greenhouses chlorine
planters for saplings insecticide for household use
heaters for chicken farms coffee
musical instruments tea
size A4 paper salami meat
writing implements canned meat
notebooks canned fish
newspapers sponges for cleaning dishes
toys sponges for washing
razors mopping rags
sewing machines and spare parts cleaning rags
heaters all canned food except canned fruit
horses za’atar spice
donkeys black pepper
goats sesame
cattle powdered chicken stock
chicks blankets
trash cans
wastewater purification powder
glass – 200 trucks
water coolers + heaters
mineral water
Tahini (sesame paste)
hair brushes
hair combs
wood (for doors and window frames)
soft plastic bags
fertilized eggs
pesticides for agriculture
soil for agriculture
particles for soil dilution
chemical fertilizer
plastic buckets
plastic crates for fruits and vegetables
plastic chicken cage
egg cartons
cartons for transporting chicks
fiberglass and plastic trays for planting
various kinds of agricultural seeds
eggs (for eating)
greenhouse nylon
various kinds of veterinary medications and products
animal feed

*Some of these items are permitted if they are for the use of international organizations.

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