Restricted U.S. Military Multi-Service Brevity Codes Manual


  • 50 pages
  • June 2003


1. Purpose

This publication will ease coordination and improve understanding during multi-Service operations. A Brevity code is a code which provides no security but which has as its sole purpose the shortening of messages rather than the concealment of their content (Joint Publication 1-02).

2. Scope

This publication standardizes air-to-air, air-to-surface, surface-to-air, and surface-tosurface
brevity codes. The scope is limited to those [voice] brevity codes used in multi-
Service operations and does not include words unique to single-service operations. While
not authoritative in nature, all services agree to these brevity code meanings. The
brevity codes have been forwarded for inclusion or modification of current North
Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) joint brevity words.

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