Restricted U.S. Military Multi-Service Civil Support Operations Manual


  • 130 pages
  • Distribution authorized U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only to protect technical or operational information from automatic dissemination
  • December 2007


1. Background

a. General. Military units tasked to support civilian authorities during domestic disasters enable rapid and effective disaster relief operations that limit loss of life, mitigate suffering, and curtail further significant property damage. Lessons learned from recent disaster operations, however, highlight inefficiencies where DOD organizations interface with other local, state, and federal government agencies tasked with disaster relief operations. The challenge remains in integrating military and civil capabilities within a disaster stricken operating environment with little intact infrastructure while urgently and efficiently executing relief operations. Critical to effective disaster relief operations is the DOD ability to commence immediate tactical level relief operations nearly simultaneous to the occurring disaster.

b. CS Operations. CS includes, but is not limited to, support of US civil authorities for
major disasters, emergencies, civil disturbance operations, designated defense support of
civilian law enforcement authorities, and domestic special events.

c. Planning. CS operations are conducted in five phases. These phases may overlap
during large scale catastrophic events. Figure I-1 illustrates the five Phases of CS Operations.

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