Space Weather and the Space Environmental Effects Monitoring System

Cooke_P1_72hr_SEEMS_v3National Space Weather Panel

  • Air Force Research Laboratory
  • David Cooke, James Metcalf, Lt. Col. David Bell, Joel Mozer, PhD
  • 17 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • June 6, 2009


The natural space environment affects military operations because warfighters depend on space-based assets to execute combat missions

  • Single event upsets (SEUs) due to high energy particles
  • Satellite position errors due to changes in atmospheric density
  • Comm/nav capability degraded or lost because of ionospheric anomalies
  • Radar false target identification due to ionospheric anomalies
  • Long-term degradation of spacecraft due to environment
  • Optical & RF anomalies due to solar emission
  • Discrimination between natural & man-made effects on spacecraft


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