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Company Threatens to Sue Public Intelligence Over Trademark It Doesn’t Even Own

A well-known company specializing in forensic accounting and fraud investigations has threatened to sue Public Intelligence for infringing on a trademark that the company does not even own. Kessler International, a company founded by former Deputy Inspector General of the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Michael G. Kessler, issued the threat on March 7, 2012 demanding that this website remove a Sprint/Nextel law enforcement guide for subpoenaing subscriber information because it happens to mention the word “Fraudbuster” on approximately three pages. The threat states that the publication of the document constitutes trademark infringement because “FRAUDBUSTERS” is the registered trademark of Kessler International. The threat also demands that we sign an agreement to never again infringe on their trademark and pay them any profits that we have earned from our unauthorized use of their trademark.