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(U//FOUO) Concept of Operations for Biometrics in U.S. Central Command AOR

(U) Purpose. This Concept of Operations (CONOP) documents concepts and procedures for the use of biometric technologies to support identity superiority, protection and management in the entire USCENTCOM AOR. This CONOP focuses on the biometrics process and key systemic enablers. This CONOP contains UNCLASSIFIED and CLASSIFIED 100 annexes. The body of the CONOP is UNCLASSIFIED however, Annex E, “HUMINT Biometrics Management”, is CLASSIFIED SECRET//NOFORN.

FBI Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification is the method by which the Federal Bureau of Investigation supports the exchange of biometric data used to facilitate the determination of the personal identity of a subject from fingerprint, palm, facial or other biometric information, across criminal justice agencies or organizations that use an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) or related systems nationwide.

DoD Directive 8521.01E

Biometric capabilities shall be developed to be interoperable with other identity management capabilities and systems, both internal and external to the Department of Defense, to maximize effectiveness. System development and capability implementation strategies shall be harmonized, integrated, and unified with identity protection and management stakeholder organizations to ensure consistency with DoD identity management principles, directives, and vision.