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International Association of Chiefs of Police Recommended Guidelines for Using Drones

Rapid advances in technology have led to the development and increased use of unmanned aircraft. That technology is now making its way into the hands of law enforcement officers nationwide. We also live in a culture that is extremely sensitive to the idea of preventing unnecessary government intrusion into any facet of our lives. Personal rights are cherished and legally protected by the Constitution. Despite their proven effectiveness, concerns about privacy threaten to overshadow the benefits this technology promises to bring to public safety. From enhanced officer safety by exposing unseen dangers, to finding those most vulnerable who may have wandered away from their caregivers, the potential benefits are irrefutable. However, privacy concerns are an issue that must be dealt with effectively if a law enforcement agency expects the public to support the use of UA by their police.

IACP State and Provincial Police Planning Sections (SPPPOS) Directory

The State and Provincial Police Planning Officers section (SPPPOS) is a part of the Division of State and Provincial Police of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Membership includes police agencies with responsibilities consisting of both highway patrol and criminal investigation responsibilities in the service of state and provincial governments, the federal government of Canada, or other sovereign governments exercising jurisdiction over territories within the United States or Canada. The organization is comprised of five geographic areas; the North Atlantic, North Central, North Atlantic, Mountain Pacific, and Southern regions. Each region may convene meetings as needed. An international conference is held annually.