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FEMA Director Battle Book

The purpose of this ―battle book is to provide the FEMA Director with background information and recommended checklist actions on scenarios that may require a significant response operation under the National Response Plan. This document is intended to serve as a ―one stop reference that includes information on the agency’s emergency teams and resources.

TOPOFF 3 AAR Private Sector Annex

Private-sector organizations participated in the Top Officials (TOPOFF) 3 (T3) exercise as partners with Federal, State, and local (FSL) government entities to test their combined ability to prepare for and respond to simulated biological and chemical terrorist attacks in Connecticut and New Jersey. The private sector’s participation in the exercise was extensive. Over 140 private sector organizations—representing critical infrastructure sectors, industry associations, public works, faith-based organizations, and multinational non-governmental organizations—played from 450 locations across the United States.