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New Hampshire 2004 State Homeland Security Strategy

This document will serve as the first State Homeland Security Strategy (SHSS) for New Hampshire. The purpose of this strategy is to identify a strategic direction for enhancing statewide capability and capacity to prevent and reduce the vulnerability of New Hampshire from weapons of mass destruction (WMD)/terrorism incidents. This is an exceedingly complex mission that requires coordination, cooperation and focused effort from the entire state-citizens, local, state, and federal government, as well as the private and non-profit sectors.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for the Capital Area

The Capital Area Public Health Network is planning for the immunization or prophylaxis of the entire population in the region. This plan will serve a guide for a regional response to a local or regional event in the Capital Area. The plan is flexible to adjust to the scope of the event. POD response time and target numbers are specific to the particular event. These variables will dictate how many POD sites will be activated. This plan prepares for the worst-case scenario by identifying five POD sites located throughout the region to be used in large-scale emergencies. In order to balance clinic load, reduce congestion, and maximize facility operations, residents have been assigned to a specific POD by municipality.