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(U//FOUO) JIEDDO Patterns of IED Use in Germany and Spain 2009

Despite official statistics showing a decrease in the number of arrests related to Salafist-jihadist activity, EU-based security services have thwarted numerous IED-centered plots since 2003. Many of the EU plots involve al Qaeda-networked terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and included plots in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the United Kingdom (UK). Two recent plots are representative of the current IED threat in the EU: the Sauerland plot in Germany (2007) and the Barcelona plot in Spain (2008).

Spanish Revolution Photos May 2011

These photos depict a series of protests occuring in Spain over the last week. Many of the photos are from May 21, 2011. These protests are being discussed via social media using the tag #spanishrevolution. a. roig. – http://www.flickr.com/photos/aroig/ protozoo…

(U//FOUO) U.S. State Department Social Media Landscape: Spain

The social media landscape in Spain is relatively mature since reading blogs and engaging on social networks is now a regular part of daily life for many people, particularly teenagers and young professional people. As in most other European countries, social media participation is higher in large cities, especially Madrid which is seen as the center of the technology and Web 2.0 industry in Spain (64.3% of households have Internet access). Social networking is the most popular social activity in Spain. Until recently the local platform Tuenti had the highest membership although the global platform Facebook has now usurped that with 100,000 more members (5.7 million total) and levels of traffic to rival Google.