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NATO Multinational Submarine and Anti-Submarine Exercise Training Manual

Training is a national responsibility and each NATO country undertakes to train its own units with its own facilities to the limits of its own capabilities. Coordination between units of different nationalities is facilitated if training is based on the doctrine promulgated in Allied Tactical Publications. The state of training of submarines taking part in exercises is presumed to be such that antisubmarine operations may be undertaken. Submarines taking part in submarine versus submarine exercises must be given prior approval for advanced anti-submarine exercises by national commanders.

Team Submarine Technology Insertion Hardware Full and Open Competition

• TI Hardware is a new competitive procurement
– It is notan extension of the legacy AN/UYQ-70 program
• TI Hardware will provide the latest generation of display, processor and network units to Team Submarine systems
– Host for the TI-12 and TI-14 Technology Insertions
• Anticipated components include
– Computer processing and memory
– Data storage and extraction
– Input/Output (I/O) interfaces to support the processing system designed around commercially available hardware and software
• Procurements may include
– Upgrade kits, enclosures and / or full up systems for Seawolf, SSGN, 688/688i, VIRGINIA Class, COLLINS Class and future submarine systems/platforms