Team Submarine Technology Insertion Hardware Full and Open Competition

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  • October 21, 2009


• Welcome to the PMS 425 Team Submarine Technology Insertion Hardware Industry Day
• Please sign in at the registration desk
• Restroom locations / nearest exit information
• Purpose of this Industry Day
– Provide an element of Market Research
– Inform Industry and seek feedback on potential contracting strategies

• Verbal questions will be entertained during this Industry Day
– Written questions may also be submitted anonymously to the question boxes by the end of Industry Day
– Questions must be within the scope of the material covered at Industry Day
• Responses to questions, verbal and written, will be posted to NECO prior to release of the draft RFP
– However, some questions regarding the provided material may be addressed directly in a solicitation and may not be posted to NECO
• Industry Day slides will also be posted to NECO
• No side bar discussions with Government representatives will be held
• A solicitation may not be generated for this effort


What Is TI Hardware?

• TI Hardware is a new competitive procurement
– It is notan extension of the legacy AN/UYQ-70 program
• TI Hardware will provide the latest generation of display, processor and network units to Team Submarine systems
– Host for the TI-12 and TI-14 Technology Insertions
• Anticipated components include
– Computer processing and memory
– Data storage and extraction
– Input/Output (I/O) interfaces to support the processing system designed around commercially available hardware and software
• Procurements may include
– Upgrade kits, enclosures and / or full up systems for Seawolf, SSGN, 688/688i, VIRGINIA Class, COLLINS Class and future submarine systems/platforms
• TI Hardware is not a program in and of itself


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