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Overview of Palestine’s Economic Policy and Foreign Trade Regime

Palestine lies on the western edge of the Asian continent and on the eastern extremity of the Mediterranean Sea. Its territory comprises two parts – the West Bank, a landlocked area bordered by Israel and Jordan, and the Gaza Strip, bordered by Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. It covers an approximate area of 6,165 km2 (5,800 km2 in the West Bank and 365 km2 in the Gaza Strip).

Palestine’s Path to the World Trade Organization (WTO) : An Agenda for Action

The law of the World Trade Organization affects trade policy of Palestine in manifold ways, whether or not it is a member, due to its close relationship with the economies of present and future members of the WTO. The application of rules of the WTO will reinforce trade policy of the P.A. in the region. It will offer the P.A. adequate rights and means of dispute settlement under the umbrella of international surveillance and monitoring.

Report of the Working Party on the Accession of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the World Trade Organization

On 13 June 1993, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as Saudi Arabia) requested accession to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT 1947). At its meeting on 21 July 1993, the GATT 1947 Council of Representatives established a Working Party to examine the application of the Government of Saudi Arabia to accede to the General Agreement under Article XXXIII, and to submit to the Council recommendations which may include a draft Protocol of Accession.