Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force Brief

District Attorney’s Update

  • 8 pages
  • For Law Enforcement Use Only
  • October 21, 2009


2009 Meth Seizure Trends

  • 1,008 Meth Seizures thru September 2009
  • 542 Meth Seizures thru September 2008
  • 86% Increase over the Same Period in 2008.
  • Seizure Total Could Reach 1,344 for all of 2009
  • Reasons for Increase
  • One Pot Manufacturing
  • TMIS Usage up 250%
  • More Intelligence Leads to More Seizures
  • Pharmacy Portal
  • Actionable Intelligence (Real Time Notifications)
  • More Electronic Records

TMTF Information and Reports

  • Methamphetamine History
  • Affiliations W/Meth Labs
  • Citizen Complaints
  • Arrests at Roundups
  • Ion Scan Evidence
  • Shows the Presence of Trace Amounts of Drugs or Precursor
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Obtain the Contents of Cell Phones When Tolls are not Available

Help Wanted

  • All Pharmacies Don’t Report Purchases Electronically.
  • Using the TMTF Pharmacy Portal Benefits us All
  • TMTF Doesn’t Charge Pharmacies to Send Electronic Information. There are no Hardware or Software Purchases Required Either.
  • The Pharmacy Portal is a Web Based, Live System that Notifies Law Enforcement of Suspicious Purchases Immediately while Freeing Pharmacists to be Pharmacists
  • Pharmacies can Best Help Their Communities by Reporting Purchase Information on the TMTF Pharmacy Portal

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