TOPOFF 2: MSCMC Briefing


Office of Domestic Preparedness

  • 25 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • September 17, 2003



•A national, biennial Domestic Counterterrorism Exercise Series.

•Two year planning endeavor, involving over 300 experts at all levels of government and the private sector.

•103 Federal, State and local and 19 Canadian departments and agencies, as well as 76 hospitals are participating.

•525 Exercise objectives.

•Full-scale exercise (FSE) participants: ~ 8,500.

T2 Scenario

•The threat will emulate the same fictional international terrorist organization employed in TO2000:

–Wages coordinated WMD campaign against U.S.

–A role-playing adversary (“Red Team”) will aid in understanding threat tactics, techniques, and procedures.


–Intelligence build: Threats to targets in U.S.

–Radiological dispersal device (RDD) attack in Seattle.

–Bio-terrorism attack in Illinois.

–National Capital Region (NCR) activity.

•Internationally: Cross-border effects / activities engage Canadian and U.S. counterparts.


•State of Washington; Seattle, and King County.

•State of Illinois; Chicago, Lake, Cook, Kane and DuPageCounties.

•NCR: Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia

•British Columbia and Vancouver, Canada.


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