U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP)

2009 USACE ISC Best Practices AT KathirInfrastructure Systems Conference

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  • July 22, 2009


Infrastructure Resilience

• USACE’s Three CIP Roles

– DCIP (Public Works Sector) DoD Program under ASD (HD & ASA)

• Assets owned by Mission owners / Services

• Assessments coordinated by J-34 (executed by DTRA) Sectors assist, advise and provide guidance

– USACE G-3/5/7 supporting DA CIRM program

– CISP: Civil Works – NIPP (DHS Dams Sector)



• Provide an overview of the Public Works Defense Infrastructure Sector’s roles and responsibilities as they apply to the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP) and the Sector’s current support and ongoing initiatives towards the program.

• Mission – Enhance risk management decisions at all levels to ensure that Defense Critical Infrastructure is available when required.


• The DoD Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan (1998) tasked USACE to be the Defense Sector Lead Agency (DSLA) for the Public Works Defense Infrastructure (DI). USACE has been active as the Public Works DSLA since then.

• HSPD 7 (2003) – Overarching guidance document.

• DoD Directive 3020.40 (dtd Aug 2005), Defense Critical Infrastructure Program, assigns and designates Chief, USACE as the Defense Infrastructure Sector Lead Agent (DISLA) for Public Works. (SSA in DHS)

• DoD Instruction 3020.45 (dtd Apr 2008) Clarifies complementary relationships between DCIP and other DoD programs in executing requirements of DoDD 3020.40 DCIP Management


• Defense Infrastructure Sector

A virtual association within the DCIP that traverses normal organizational boundaries, encompasses defense networks, assets, and associated dependencies that perform similar functions within DoD, and are essential to the execution of the National Defense Strategy.

• PW Defense Infrastructure Sector

The DoD, government, and private sector worldwide network, including the real property inventories (environment, land, buildings and utilities) that manages the support, generation, production and transport of commodities (e.g., electric power, oil and natural gas, water and sewer, emergency services, etc.) for and to DoD users.

• PW is one of ten Defense Infrastructure Sectors (cf. 18 National Sectors – DHS )

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