U.S. Central Command “Monitoring the Tactical Network”

U.S. Central Command

  • 17 pages
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  • April 13, 2010


•As troop levels increase, demand for services will increase, NetOps elements must quickly meet current demand and posture for future demand based on force packages and planned movements
•The goal of the NetOps framework is to create a culture where unity of effort takes precedence over control of effort—a departure from past NetOps constructs
•NetOps elements focus on delivery and management of IT services within the AOR.
•NetOps will focus on the critical components of Enterprise Management, Content Management and Network Assurance using a Service Management framework
• NetOps framework must be consolidated to the operational chain of command
•NetOps authority can be delegated and delegation can vary by phase of operation
•Commanders with NetOps authority will:
• Define NetOps authorities within his assigned battlespace or functional task force authorities
•Be responsible for Information assurance/Computer Network Defense(IA/CND) posture of the network across the full scope of his NetOps authority

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