U.S. CERT Notice: Possible Counterfeit Cisco Routers

Critical Infrastructure Information Notice

  • CIIN-08-291-01
  • 11 pages
  • October 17, 2008


US-CERT is aware of recent open source reports regarding possible counterfeit Cisco routers. US-CERT originally reported this activity in April 2006. Please note that US-CERT is re-releasing that information in this report for situational awareness purposes due to the new open source reporting and to provide methods for determining if a router is counterfeit.


Certain routers in the Cisco 2600 Router Series (2610XM, 611XM, 2620XM, 2621XM) and Cisco 1721 Modular Routers may be counterfeit. Cisco Systems has provided US-CERT with detailed information to assist organizations in determining if a router is counterfeit. Organizations may wish to check their 2600 and 1721 series routers. If organizations discover suspect counterfeit routers, they should contact US-CERT accordingly.

Detailed Instructions from CISCO Systems

The following sections provide screening procedures for detecting anomalies that indicate that a Cisco unit is counterfeit. Final determination as to the status of a router may only be made in coordination with Cisco Systems.

Product Anomaly Inspection: Cisco 2600 Router Series: (2610XM, 2611XM, 2620XM, 2621XM)

This section provides screening procedures for the Cisco 2600 Series Routers. If the following anomalies are found, the unit is counterfeit.


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