(U//FOUO) DHS Acutely Toxic Chemical List

Department of Homeland Security

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  • September 2008


This list comprises chemicals found on various other lists of acutely toxic industrial chemicals (meeting defined criteria of high-production volume [HPV] and toxicity). The list is informed by the following lists developed by other groups which have given good thought to such compilations: ITF-25, ITF-40, USACHPPM, AFMIC, and the recent Chem WG of NSTC Subcommittee on Decon Standards. Boron trichloride and tungsten hexafluoride are both HPV inhalation toxics found on ITF25 list but for which AEGL and IDLH values are not found. Hence they are not incorporated on the list to left. The list does not include salts and metals which would be found on a list of ingestion hazards. The lists of TICs are augmented by addition of traditional chem warfare agents.

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