(U//FOUO) DHS/FBI “Body Packing” Criminal Tactic with Possible Terrorist Applications

This is the text of the DHS document that was reported on in July regarding so-called “body bombs” that would be inserted surgically  into the bomber’s bodies.  It was posted to a forum for the Colbert Report television show after being taken from the body of an email from the South Carolina Information and Intelligence Center, the local fusion center for the state of South Carolina.

DHS/FBI/ITACG Roll Call Release 18 July 2011

ISSUE # 038-11

Roll Call Release: “Body Packing”— Criminal Tactic with Possible Terrorist Application

(U//FOUO) “Body packing” is a well-documented concealment method criminals have used to smuggle drugs or other contraband. Body packing in humans and animals may involve several forms of concealment — including insertion into body orifices, ingestion, or possibly surgical implantation—of illicit items or material inside or hidden on the body to escape detection by security systems and personnel. Terrorists often assign high priority to concealment in planning attacks, and such methods—to include surgical implantation—offer potential means for suicide operatives to deliver improvised explosive devices to targets.

— (U//FOUO) In June 2010, US Government officials arrested a female passenger after discovering narcotics taped to her body. Upon arrest, the passenger also admitted that cocaine and heroin pellets had been inserted inside her groin area.

— (U//FOUO) In November 2009, a passenger was arrested after swallowing 67 packages of cocaine in an attempt to escape detection by customs officials upon arrival in the United Kingdom from Switzerland. An airport official became suspicious after observing unusual bloating and conducted an x-ray examination.

— (U//FOUO) In February 2006, drug enforcement officers raided a farm in Colombia and seized puppies that had heroin surgically implanted in their abdominal walls.

Potential Indicators:

Although a single indicator may not be suspicious, and may be a result of a medical condition, individuals exhibiting one or more of the following indicators or behaviors may warrant investigation, depending on specific circumstances.

—(U//FOUO) Distended stomach or unusual bulging of other body areas.

—(U//FOUO) Unresolved detection of metal or explosive traces.

—(U//FOUO) Frequent trips to, or prolonged periods spent in, the aircraft restroom.

—(U//FOUO) Unexplained illness (some narcotics and explosives are toxic and concealment within the body could cause illness).

— (U//FOUO) Visible physical discomfort, particularly during pat downs.

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