(U//FOUO) New Jersey Suspicious Activity Reporting Brief

New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness

  • 16 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • January 28, 2010


Types of Reports

Banking/Financial Activities
Suspicious wire transfers-domestic or int’l; Large, frequent cash transactions
Bomb Threats/Explosive-related
Include Schools
Anthrax, Chemical, Biological or Nuclear threats or events
Confirmed/Unconfirmed Suspicious Substances
Counterfeit/Pirated, Untaxed Items
Terrorism Funding
Computer/Cyber-related terrorism
Cyber Attack
Document Frauds/Identity Thefts
ICE/INS Immigration Violations
Lost/Stolen IDs
SSN Cards, Passports, LE, Emergency Services, Military, Utilities
Expressed or Implied Threats
Verbal or written against U.S. Govt. &/or public
Stolen Vehicles
Emergency Services, i.e. Ambulances, Police, Buses, Security, Tankers, Mail Delivery, Utilities
Suspicious Persons/Vehicles (To include aircraft & marine)
Acquisition of Expertise/Training, Materials, Eliciting Info, Acquisitions/ Storage, Misrepresentation, Observation. Recruiting, Surveillance, Testing of Security, Laser Beam Incidents, Money Laundering, Clone Vehicles
Suspicious Thefts
Government Thefts, Containers, Mail Boxes
Trespassing/Security Breaches & Attempted Intrusions/Loitering
Around Critical Infrastructure Sites
Unattended Bags/Packages
Critical Infrastructure Sites, Government Facilities, Schools, Transportation, Utilities, etc.
Weapons Related Activity
With Possible Nexus To Terrorism
Certain School Related Threats
Bomb threats, suspected or suspicious explosives devices, to include incidents that results in a school evacuation (with exception of security drills.)
School security threats, including terroristic threats & any other serious /reckless threats of violence to general school community including discovery of dangerous weapons, explosives devices, components or precursor material.
Violence/Intimidation (Hate Crime)
Unusual theft/loss of dangerous chemicals from lab facilities or storage.
Possible surveillance activities or intrusions by suspicious persons in or around school grounds/property

8 Signs of Terrorism
2)Elicitation/Seeking Information
3)Tests of Security
4)Acquiring Supplies
5)Suspicious People Who Do Not Belong
6)Dry Run/Trial Run
7)Deploying Assets/Getting Into Position
8)Terrorist Funding

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