(U//FOUO) U.S. Army “Unit RESET” Redeployment Handbook

Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)

  • 92 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • June 2010


For purposes of this handbook, unit RESET is the process a unit uses to plan and execute those critical tasks needed to restore the unit to combat readiness after redeployment. This process must be carefully planned and synchronized by all stakeholders, beginning with actions a unit sets in place before the unit deploys. The unit follows the RESET model published in Army RESET ordersand executes RESET tasks while still in theater to redeploy and return the unit to collective training capability as quickly as possible. This enormous task is complex and requires detailed planning, clear communication and intent, and strong unit leadership not only from the unit conducting RESET but also from those supporting the mission (e.g., garrison, contractors, and other Department of Defense organizations). The goal is returning the unit to combat readiness quickly, efficiently, and—most importantly—safely.

Unit RESET, however, is not just about returning Soldiers and equipment. It also includes the reintegration of Soldiers with spouses, children, and other family members. Perhaps most importantly, it includes reintegrating wounded Soldiers and family members working through the recovery process at medical centers, and it necessitates attending to those families who paid the ultimate price through the loss of loved ones.

During deployment, every Soldier and leader considers ways he would have done things differently. What equipment did he bring? Did he assign the right people to the rear detachment? Do the same types of families have the same issues, and how can the unit better assist families while Soldiers lead in combat? Why did he not bring forward all the systems needed to administratively run the unit? Document issues through after-action reviews (AARs) and address those issues that could be done differently. RESET provides the opportunity to fix problems and leave the unit better for the next Soldier or leader.

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