(U//FOUO/LES) Baltimore Police Officer Safety Warning: Fighting Bandanas


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  • December 7, 2011


This is a regular bandana and a dog’s heavy choker chain constructed to make a rather nasty version of a fighting bandana. The heavy choker chain is sewn into the bandana using heavy thread.

Seeing a glint of steel anywhere in the bandana or the ends of the bandana is a warning sign. Movements to reach around to grasp the exposed tails of the bandana are another danger cue. Also, the bandana could easily be overlooked as a weapon during a search.

This is a common bandana that you can purchase anywhere. You fold it as you would to use it for a headband, then fold that in half so the tails of the bandana meet.

You then simply sew up each side of the bandana where the fold is until you have a pocket.

Anything can then be placed in the pockets to include a roll of coins, a socket from a set of wrenches, a long spark plug socket or a cylindrical piece of metal.

You then stuff it in your back pocket and let the tails hang out and it appears to be a simple, folded bandana in your back pocket.

Officers should remember that a harmless bandana in someone’s back pocket might not be so harmless.

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