(U//FOUO//LES) Johns Hopkins Hospital Shooting Update

Note that the following document essentially contains nothing more than reports from open news sources.

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  • September 16, 2010


Initial News sources had reported that the Baltimore Police Department had responded to a call for service for a single male shooter at the Johns Hopkins hospital located in Baltimore, MD. Initial reports indicated that a doctor was shot by the unknown suspect and was in critical condition. The suspect suspect was believed to be barricaded on the eighth floor of the Nelson Building on the Johns Hopkins Hospital Campus. There are reports that the shooter could be barricaded in the room with a relative. Baltimore Police Department reports that only certain areas of the hospital campus are cordoned off. Baltimore Police Department officers are on the scene, the suspect is not in custody, and the Baltimore Police is reporting that the situation is contained. The areas of the Hospital not cordoned off are operating normally.

Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 N Wolfe St
Baltimore, MD 21287

Open Source Results
CNN and the Washington Post are reporting that the shooting and barricade location is the Nelson
Building of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Baltimore City Police Department and Johns
Hopkins Hospital is reporting that the doctor that was shot is no longer in critical condition is his
injury is not life threatening. Baltimore Police Department spokesman says that floor remains locked
down. Police say the gunman has been shot by law enforcement officers and has died.

Washington Post

Baltimore Police Department reports that the law enforcement officer shot and killed the gunman.
The suspect has not been identified. The motives for the suspect’s actions are unknown. There is no
reported nexus to terrorism. The FBI is on the scene on stand-by.

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