(U//LES) Arizona Fusion Center Warning: Police Officers Targeted on Facebook


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  • Law Enforcement Sensitive
  • October 29, 2010



On October 28, 2010 a DUI traffic stop by MCSO uncovered a CD containing multiple photographs and names of over 30 Phoenix PD officers and civilian employees. All of the names and photographs found on the CD were obtained from Facebook and reveal the identity of several patrol and undercover officers. All officers who were identified on the CD have been notified. It is unknown how many more CDs (if any) may be circulating. This information is provided for Officer Safety and Situational Awareness purposes.

Law enforcement officers should use good judgment when posting personal information about themselves on social networks. For instance, if you have worked or are currently working in an undercover capacity it is recommended that you DO NOT post photographs of yourself with your personal information on social networking sites – as this may create serious officer safety consequences.

Suggested Measures:

  • Secure all photographs and other information by customizing your privacy settings to control who may access your information and photographs
  • Set privacy settings to ‘Friends Only’
  • Make your profile photo something that is obscure or known only to those who know you
  • Remember: anyone can see your profile photo
  • Do not post photographs or information that identifies you as a law enforcement officer
  • Stay current on security changes and updates on social networking sites, as they are constantly changing

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