United Blood Nation Codebook

Marion Correctional Institution

  • 9 pages
  • December 15, 2007


001-Got 100% Love for You
003-Mad Dog Stare
007-Nigga Ease Dropping
007-Sly Fox
009-What’s Up
012-Look In
013-Tear Him Up
014-Put Ya Stroll On
015-Let me Know
025-Hold Me Down
025-You Sure?
031-What’s Poppin Blood
038-Hold On
041-That Nigga
050-Be On Point
061-Ghetto Star
073-Tear Him Up
090-What’s up?
091-Send a Kite
10/10-stay in contact
100 and 50 on the QBE-Fuck Everybody
100 Tons-I’m About to Eat Food
1000 Degrees-Pissed Off
10010-GKB (set)
100-One Love
100-That’s Bullshit
101-That Nigga
1090-Set Trippin
111-Bitch Ass Nigga
111-Robbery/got robbed
112-Lay Low
1150-I’m Fucked Up
117-Put in Work
14 by 12-Yard
145-I’ll Holler At You
147-It’s On
151-Not Blood but Bangs For Blood
1600-Holler Back
1980-B outlaws
1st Ave.-Sunday
1st blood-I’ll Die for You
2 Die 4-I Miss my Wife and Kids
2 Double O-Talk in Code
2 or Less-Yeah Dog, I’m Alright
2 Step-Crack
20/20-What’s Up
200 Deep-Codes
200-Your hear me Dog?
211-Chill out/Stop Playing
212-Let Me Holla At You
2400-Play Your Gate
2400-Somethings Wrong
2417-Till the Casket Drops
24K-Porn Book
2nd Ave.-Monday
3.24-Send a Kite
308-Fall Back
31 Seconds After Midnight-Roll Call
31 Seconds-Bangin Ain’t Easy, but is Fun
31 Seconds-Wait
310-You Know I Will Eat Him
311-Imperial Bishop Blood
32 Cent-Kite
366-It’s On
3rd Ave.-Tuesday
4 and Better-What’s up Dog, You Alright?
4 Eyes-Watch Your Back
40 Cal, Double -One Dog, One Mission
400-Down Low
4130-You’re Wrong
4139-You’re Right
44-Bloodin’ Ain’t Easy, But is Fun
4th Ave.-Wednesday
5 O’Clock In the Morning-Be On Point for Ambush
50 Cent-Rob His Ass
50/50- Not Blood, but Protected By Blood
500 AMG-Showing Out
5000-Holler Back
505-Play Your Gate
54-Building/It’s On
550-Someone Who Isn’t Blood
550-That Nigga
55-I Know
570-I Don’t Know
590-I Don’t Know
59-Building it on
5th Ave.-Thursday
6 Riders-Crips
60 Sec. head Rush-Cigarette
600 Coup-It’s On, No talking
6006-Lay Low Fool
666-It’s On
6th Ave.-Friday
747-Cell Location
777-Real G’s Don’t Die
7th Ave.-Saturday
8 Of Them-Crips
8:21-No, I Don’t Vouch
80 Proof-Ain’t Blood, But Bangs With Blood
80:80- I’m Gonna Holler at You Later
8120-Yeah, I vouch
85/95 South-N.C Bloods
850-I’m That Nigga
9 Ft. Tall-One Dog Mission
911-Blood Meeting
9130-you wrong
930-Showing Out
Aaron Hall-I Miss you Dog
AC 130-I Got Your Back
Ace-Deuce-Trey-I’m Broke
Ain’t That The Inglewood Way-Keep your Head Up
Air Tight-Real Ass Nigga
AK 47-It Was on Site, There’s Beef
Alibi-Good Looking Out
All Eyes on Me-You Vouching for Them?
All eyes on You-Get outside contact
All I got-Pops
All I need-Moms
All in Together-UBN
All the Time-I Got Him
All the Way Through-Give Me Outside Contact
Almost Alike- Not Blood, But Bangs With Blood
Always, Forever-Blood For Life
American Most-Enemy
Amtrak-Be on Point
Angel Eyes-Bloodette
Apache Tribes-Cigarettes
Apollo Kids-It’s On
Apple Seeds-Tell Me About Him
Assata-I Got Your Back
Attic Dog Shit-Set Trippin
Attica-It’s On, Ain’t Shit To Talk About
Blood Stain-OG
Baby Love-Daughter
Baby Love-Money
Babylon-Don’t Talk
Back Stage-Not For The Gate or Door
Back’em Down-He Got It
Backfire-I Hear You Dog
Backseat-Don’t Trust
Bada Bing-Real Shit
Bag of Bones-Body
Bali Love-Weed
Baller-Drug Dealer or Gangster
Baltimore-Getting Familiar
Banana Man-Talk in Codes
Banana Split-Weed
Bang Ball-Doing Me
B-Bomb-You Know you my Dog
Beaming Up Like the Sun-Red Flagging
Been Down for Years-Trust Him
Been Past Time-I’ve Got to Get Ready to Eat
Belly Dancer-Snake
Bennetta the Beast-Police
Big L-I Feel Your Pain
Bigger Than Me-UBN
Billy Bad Ass-Nine-Trey (93 set)
Bingo-Latin Kings
Bitch Ain’t Shit-I’m Disarmed
Bitch Can’t Ride For Free-He Ain’t Gonna Do It
Bitch, Get the Fuck Out-He Ain’t Going to Do it
Black Box-Telephone
Black Love-Heroin
Black Mob-We Kill Our Own
Black Onyx-My People
Black Rose-Father
Blank Check-No Gun
Blasphemy-Westside Ridaz
Blazin Billy-SMM (set)
Blazing Like the Sun-Dripping
Bleeds Through Same Vein-We’re Family
Blessed With A Brick-Don’t Fuck My Shit Up
B-Life-He’s a Liar
B-Lod-Blood Out
Blood Drops-Kids
Blood In My Eye-I Love My Set
Blood In My Eyes-Likewise
Blood Rush-Eat Food
Blood Sport-No, You’re the Man
Blood Stain-Son
Blood Thirst-Assault Charge
Blood-Brotherly Love Overrides Oppression/Destruction
Bloodett-Female Blood
Bloodline-Not Blood, But Bangs With Blood
Bloody Passion-Hate That Nigga
Blow Fish-Send That
Blow One-Hold Up/Wait
Blows of Blood-Assault Charge
Blue flue-Crips/Enemy
Blue Jay-Enemy
Bluefire-Put in Work
B-More-Try to Get Familiar
Body Armor For Real-Cash
Body Armor For Real-Catch Fire
Bonnie-Down Ass Bitch
Boomerang-Get Outside Contact/Help
Booyah-Distress Call
Boston Baked Beans-The Hood
Bounty Hunter-Banging
Boy Wonder-He’s a Clown
100-One Love
Brace Yourself Fool-Use Intelligence Over Emotions
Brace Yourself-Slippin
Bright Lights-Shine
Bring To Life-Blood In (bring home)
Broadway Flasher-Assed Out
Broken Arrow-Let it Go
Brooklyn Glaze-Guns Go Off
Brooklyn-I don’t trust him
Brought Feds To My Spot-He’s Lying
B-Train-I’m About to go Home
Bubble Gum-Cigarettes
Bull Dog-You Know Him, He’s All in Your Face
Bullet Proof-Not Blood, but Protected By Blood
Burgers-Latin King
C.K.K-Crip/King Killer
C74-Whats Poppin
Cali Love -Me & him got beef
California Love-Weed
Camel Type-Fool Can’t Think Pass Go
Can’t Get No Higher-I’m Good
Can’t Leave the Crib-Sucka For Love
Can’t Run Marathons-Send Something to Smoke
Can’t Stand A Snitch-You’re Right
Capone and Noriega-Keep it Gangsta
Care Bear-Mother
Casino-We Kill Our Own
Cats Eye-Watch Your Back
CD Rom-Get Outside Contact
Central Booking-Lock Up
Check One-Listen to the Enemy
Cheese Burger-Latin King
Cherry Pop-Don’t Move On Emotions
Chicago Hustler-Pullback/Chill
Chrome Pipes-You Hear Me Dog
Chuck Wagon-He’s Food
Cloudy Day-Weed
Clusters-My People
Cock it Back-Keep it Gangsta
Coco Puffs-Homies
Coked Up Like Tony Montana-To the Death of Me
Cold Fire-Blood
Commando-Hold Me Down
Compressed Coke is Garbage-He Be Faking Moves
Convertible Lex-I Be Doing My Thing
Cookie Crumbs-Feed Him With a Spoon, See if He Wants it
Cool J-Where’s the Police?
Cool Water-That’s My Man
Copped the Blue Benz-Violated
Copped the Lex Land-Put in Work
Cornish Hen-Dead Body
Costa Rica-Weed
Crown Royal-Blood
Da Hood Pressure-Till the Death of Me
Dark Night-Set Up
Dat’s gangsta-that’s my word
David Karesh-Sun Guns Go Off
Day Care-Feed Him Slow, See If He Wants to Eat
Day One-Shit’s Real
Dead bones-body
Death Row-NYC
Death Row-The Streets
Deep Rooted-Wife
Dial 911-Write
Dig In-Telephone
Digging in the Stash-Slipping
Dirt Nap-Netas
Dog Bones-He’s Pussy
Dog Food-Dope/Crack
Don Juan Demarco-I’m That Nigga/Can’t be Faded
Donald Gee-183rd Gangsta
Dope Snorting Boy-Snitch
Double L-Lock N Load
Double O Buckshot-Don’t Fuck Up My Shit
Down Like 4 Flats-Blood Out
Down Low-I Hear You Dog
Down South-Visit
Drip Dry-Bloods Thicker Then Water
Drippin-Red Down (colors/Flagging)
Drive the Hearse- Blood Out
Drop the Leash-Send That
Drop the Top-Speak in Codes
Drop Top-Do You Have Any Work Blood
Drop Top-Score Drugs
Dum Dum-I’m Disarmed
Dungeons and Dragons-I Love My Set
Dust Eater-Snake
DVD-Don’t Say Shit, Just Tear His Ass Up
Dyno-Light or Match
East Side to the West Side-Fuck Everybody
Eastside-I got 100% Love for You Too
EBK-everybody killer
Elation-Fuck Talking
Elm St.-Elmira (location)
Elmer J. Fudd-Enemy
End of the Road-It’s Alright
Enough of Us-Keep it Real
Envision-Stacking Paper
Envogue-Hold On
Escape Fool-You Off The Hook
Everything is Everything-Stay on the Low
Excalibur-Shit is Real
Executioner Blood-Red Mob/Mafia Gangster (set)
Extra Clip-I’m With You
Face Full of Red-Stressing
Faced Off-Blood Stares
Fantasy Island-Call
Farrakhan-Mother Fuck Peace
Fat Cat in 83-Ghetto Star
Fill’em Up-Tobacco
First Blood-I’ll die for you Blood
Five Layers of Teflon-That’s My Word
Five on it-who that/I need a Gun
Flat Line for my Homies-I’m Gonna Miss you Dog
Flatline-I’m Gonna Holler at You Later
Flatline-Yeah, I hear You
Flip the Clip-Pop that Niggas Head/Put in Work
Fo’Flats-Fucked Up
Foam Out the Mouth-Tell the Rest of the Bloods
Fool Falling Short-Not Knowing
For My Homies-I’m Gonna Miss You Blood
Forever Feeling-Love and Missing Kids
Forrest Gump-Dummy
Frank Nitty-Gangster Killer Bloods (set)
Freaky Tye-Blood Stone Villains (set)
Free Fire-We Be on the Yard
Freeze the Game-No, you the Man
Fubu-You’re off the Hook
Fuck What You Heard-We Got to Love Each Other
G Money-Snake, Hater, Fake
G stroll-visit
G.I-Play Your Position
G.S 300-You’re Right
G.S 400-You’re Wrong
Game Tested-No Doubt
Gang Related-Family
Gangsta Mac-Lay Low/Pull Back
Gangsta Me-Me-I Can’t be Faded
Gangsta Nip-Kill Them, 187
Gangsta Paradise-Queens
Gangsta Six-Shit is Hot/Real
Gangsta Stroll-Visit
Gangstaz Paradise-I Love My Set
Gator Mouth-You’re My Dog
George Jackson-I’m Heated
George Jackson-Stay On Point
Get your Guns Dirty-Put in Work
Ghost Story-War Story
Ghost Town-Bronx
Gimmie That Loot-He’s Got Beef
Global Hawk-Don’t Sleep
G-Mackin-Just Chilling Homie
Go Hard Set-SMM (set)
God Father Flow- I’m That Nigga
Godfather Flow-Real Niggas Don’t Die
Good Fellas-Only For the Fam
Got a Cigarette-I Need a Gun
Got Muzzle On-Broke
Got That Fool-You Da Man
Got You Open-He’s Lying
Greek fest At Jones Beach-Bloodin’ Ain’t Easy
Green Apples Just as Good-Tear His Ass Up
Green Flaggin-You’re Wrong
Green Street-Segregation
Ground Zero-Eat Food
GS 300-I Know
G-Shyne-Gangster Killer Bloods (GKB)(set)
G-Stacking Fool-I Be Doing My Thing
G-Stacking-Getting that Money
Guns Blow Fo Sho-My Hood
Guns Pointed At Me-Stressed
Guy Fisher-102 (rank)
Hail Mary-You’re Off the Hook
Half a Man-Not Knowing
Half a Man-War Stories
Half a Mile-Ox/Razor
Halle Berry-Talk
Hammer-Soldier (rank)
Hand on Da Cradle-Rock Him to Sleep, Then Eat
Hannibal Lector-Thinking
Hard Knock Life-Blood Rule
He Cop the Blu Benz-Violation
Hear None, See None-Speak in Code
Heart Break Hotel-Send That
Heart Break Hotel-She got fed/I hit it/porn books
Heat Seeker-Dead Boy
Heat Stroke-Porn Book
Heaven or Hell-I’m Going to Miss You
Heavy metal-Keep it Real
Hell on Earth-Auburn (location)
Hewey P. Newton-Angry
Hezbollah-Everybody Killer
High Beams and Fogs-Watch Your Back
High Siding-Just Kicking It
Hit the F.D.R-Bounce/Leave
Hit you With a Super Soaker-I Got Love For You
Hitting 4 Burners-Play Rec/Yard
Ho bang-Fuck Everybody Else
Hollywood-That’s My Dog
Homie-Blood Brother
Hooptie-Stolen Ride
Hot 97-Talk
Hug Your Cousin-Rock Him to Sleep, Then Eat Him
Hungry and Homeless-Broke
I & I-Much Love Right Back
I.N.G-It’s War
I’ll be in the car waiting-you better get him before I do
I’m Not Gotti-Don’t Try to Play Me
I’m saying Doe-Good Looking
If I Can See It, I Can Be It-Talk In Codes
In Stereo-Don’t talk, Just Listen
Intercom-See What He About
It’s About to Rain-Watch Your Back
J.D revenge-Real G’s Don’t Die
J-30-Be on Point
Jack in the Box-When You Go to Court
Janet Jack Me-Don’t Fuck My Shit Up
Jennifer Lopez-No Gun
Jim Beam-What’s Poppin Dog
Joesy Wells-BG (103)(rank)
Julius Sonny-GKB (set)
Just Like A Tiger-I’m A Thinker
Just Like Me Dog-I Can’t be Faded
Kadafi-OG (rank)
Keep it going Now -Watch your back
Keep it Going On-Makes Moves, Make it Happen
Kentucky Straight-I’m Good Dog
Killa Ben-B.G (103)(rank)
King Tut-Rob His Ass
Knocking Niggas Off/Out-Blood Rules
Know the Game-Good Looking
Kool Aid-He’s Not Gonna Do Right
LA-LA-Motherfuck Peace
Lap Dancing-Crip Enemy
Lap Top-When do You Go to Court?
Larger Than Life-One Dog On A One Mane Mission
Last Drop-I Need Help
Last Man Standing-Blood Rules
Lean Back-Girl on the Side
Left jab-You’re Wrong
Let Ya Game/Guns Blow-Scribe
Let Your Nuts Hang-All Day Everyday
Like Kesha off New Jack City-I’ll Die For You
Lil Kim and Foxy Brown-We Got Beef
Lil’ Weezy-Money
Line Drive-Get Back At Me
Liquor Store-Visit
Little Kims-Latin Kings
Live Wire-You’re Off the Hook
Living Legend-UBN
Living Room-Visit
Lock N Load-No Mater What We Go Through, I Love You
Lock the Bolt-Pullback/Chill
Loco-He/She Ain’t Right
Logo Type-Stamps
Long and Strong-Real G’s Don’t Die
Long Arm-Feed Them Slow/See If they Eat
Long Cut-Don’t Play Me/He’s Playing You
Love Jones-Hate that Nigga
Low Riding-Drive By
LS 400-You Know
M.O.P-Sun Guns Go Off
Mack 11-Blood
Mailbox-He/They Telling me What They are Saying
Make it Ghost-Talk in Codes
Make It Hot Enough-Watch Your Back
Make moves make it happen-All in together ya’ll
Machiavelli Desperado-Bloody outlaws
Mans Best Friend-Play Your Gate/Block
Mardi Gras-Put in Work
Master Card-I Love my Set
Matrix-OG (rank)
MacGyver-Use Your head
Meet me down stairs-When I bang you bang behind me
Meet me outside-eat food/tear his ass up dogs
Menu Report-Ribs Are Touching (Hungry)
Mickey Mouse-He’s Got to Get it Soon
Miller 5- Dogs Eyes
Miller Thriller-Thinking
Miller Vibe-Scribe
Million Man March-Keep Bangin’
Mix it Up-He’s Pussy
Mix tape-You Hear Me
Mobb Deep-Shook
Money Green Benz-Weed
Monkey Bars-Stop Playing
More less 2×2-speaking in code/read the codes
More or Less-No Doubt
Morfeus-5 Star Gangster (rank)
Mortal-Trust Him
Mounting Up-Starting a Mission
Mr. Freeze-Sucka For Love
Mr. Otis-Police
Mr. Talice-Burner, Ice-pick, Shank
Mr. Window-Murder/Death/Kill
Murder Inc.-Where
Mutant-Don’t Trust Him
My Last Match-Father
Nasty Girl-Neta
Native Tongue-Codes
Navigation-I Got/He Got
Neo-3 Star BG (rank)
Network-It’s On
Never Ending Story-I’ve Got Time to Do
Nickel Bag-5%er
Nickel Day-Drippin
Nicky Barnes-You’re Wrong
Nigga Running Late-Broke
Niggas in Too Deep-I Need
Niggas Stay Fly-All Day Everyday
Niggas Trying to Eat-I’m Fucked Up
Night Caps-Listen to the Enemy
Night Hype-Weed
Nightmare on Elm St.-Dat Nigga Don’t Sleep
No Cain and Able Fable-We Kill Our Own
No you the man-say it again
Noriega-BG (rank)
Nothing But Niggas-I Got Love For You
Nothing to Lose-Same Here Fool
Notorious-Blood Rules
NY Love-Weed
031 seconds-in a minute/give me a minute/hold on
OG Mac 10-My Word
OG Mack 10- I got to get ready to eat food
OG Tye-That’s My Word
Ol’Dogg-Down Fore Whatever
One Glass-You’re the Man Dog
OO1-I got love for u
Oochie Wally For Real-It’s On
Double O (OO)-one dog on a one man mission
Over 31 Cent-Blood Thicker Than Water
Paint the Town Red-Put in Work
Pass the miller-put in work
Passing the Test-When Are you Going to Court?
Pee Wee Kirkland-Dope
Peep Game-Porn Book
Pete’s Mansion-Sex, Money, Murder (set)
Peter Roll-Murder
Phone Line-Did You Get Any Mail?
Pima Donnas-Don’t Move on Emotions
Pine St.-Southport (location)
Pioneer-Respect That
Pippy Long Stocking-I Love You Dog
Pit Ace-Bloodin’ Ain’t Easy, But is Fun
Pit Bull-Angry
Pit Bull-Lock it Up
Po-Po Got Em-Stressing
Pop Mode-You’re my Dog
Pop Tart-Homo
Popeye and Bruno-I Got Beef
Pounds Up-I’m Broke
Pour Me A Drink-Tell Me About It
Prada-Gold Digger
Prime time-5-9 Brims (set)
Princess Cut-Mom
Put 20’s On It-Visit
Put Chromes On Him-Bring Him Home
Put On Them Gators-Visits
Put Your Murder 1’s On-He’s Got Shines, Get Him
R. Kelly-On the Down Low
Rambo-One Dog Mission
Rattle With Me-He’s Scared/Shook
Ray Charles-Where
Read the Walls-He’s Food
Real right for real for real-Damu/Blood
Red apple falling-tear his ass up
Red Balling-Doing Your Thing
Red Balling-You’re Right
Red Bow-Bullshit
Red Boy Jacko-Blood Rules
Red Dog-Blood Stars
Red Dragon-Homo
Red Flaggin-You’re Right
Red Heat-Don’t Show Love
Red Light Special-Hit
Red Lobster-He’s Food
Red Moon-Blood Runs This Shit
Red Moon-shit bout to go down, be on point
Red Moon-Tomorrow
Red Sea Dragons-Homos
Remy Ma-Bloodette
Rep Your Set or Step-Keep it Moving
Rice Krispies-Crips
Rich Porter-Cocaine
Ridin’ Shotgun-That’s My Man’s People
Right Guard-Tell Me About Him
Right Hook-You’re Right
RIP OG Tye-I feel Your Pain
RMG-Red Mob/Mafia Gangsta
Rocky Dennis-When You Go to Court
Rollin Back-Later Tonight
Rollin R B’s-Did you Tell the Rest of the Dogs What I Said
Rollin’ Back-Later on Tonight
Rolling 0-Showing Out
Rolling 3-Tell Her I Said Bye
Rolling 7-You’re Slipping
Rolling B’s-Did You Put the Dogs On?
Romeo Must Die-You’re a Sucker For Love
Ruby Red-Wife
Ruff Rider-With
Ruff sex 013- He be faking moves
Sade-I’ve Got 100% Love for You
Safety’s On-Did you Get the Drugs?
Same Type Niggas-Likewise
Sand Storm-Where
Satin Queen-Latin King
Say It Again-Whatever/Whoever
Say Word-Who?
Scare-face-NYC Blood
Scatter Bred-He Don’t Show Love
Scooby Doo-you my dog for real
Scooby Scrap Love-The Dogs in Training/Next Best
Sean Combs-I Be Doing My Thing
Seeing Eye Nigga-Got Your Back
Self-Destruction-He Ain’t Right
Sha Way Nay Way-He’s Pussy
Shaggy and Scooby-He’s Scared/Shook
Sharp Shooter-Who
Shell Shocker-Enemy
Shining Star-He’s Gotta Get it Soon
Sho Ho-Don’t Trust
Shooting Blanks-Fuck Him Up
Shotgun-Not Blood, but Bangs With Blood
Shovel Head-Folk
Show and Prove-Keep It Gangsta
Show Down Outta Town-All Day Everyday
Show Ya Fangs-Send a Kite
Showbiz And A.Z-I’ll Die For You
Siamese-I Feel Your Pain
Sick With It-Got That
Side Arm-That’s My Mans People
Silent Hill-He’s Lying
Sin City-NYC
Skin Deep-See What He About
Sky Fox-Spin the Yard with Me Homie
Sky Line-Let Me Holla At You/Talk
Sleep Walking-Dry Snitching
Slip and Slide-I Need Some Pussy
Slow Motion-Creeping
Sly Fox-Creeping
Smokeless-Faking Jacks
Smokey Bear-Police
Snow Blind-Who
Sober Up-Don’t Make Us Look Bad
Some Type Nigga-Likewise
Something New-Talk in Codes
Soul Breaker-Super Max
Spartford-Long Term
Spice 1-Set it Off
Spitting in the Wind-Snitching
Splish Splash- Banger/Weapon
Split the take Fool-Get Back at Me
Sprite In a Cup-You Got Some?
Square Biz-Wife
Stand Tall-Bounce/Leave
Stash the Heat-Talk in Codes
Steel Door-the Hole
Steel Reserve-Hold Me Down
Stinking Bitch With Contacts-That’s That Bullshit
Stolen Whips-Watch Your Back
Straight Fish-Pussy
Straight Like That-I’ll Always Have Love For You
Straight Valentine-You’re Slippin
Street Dreaming-Sucka For Love
Street Love-Chill
Strike a Pose-Scribe
Styles P-Weed
Sugar Bear-Father
Suit and Tye-When You Go to Court
Sun Down Outta Town-All Day Everyday
Sun Flew the Coup-Send a Kite
Sun Stroke-Get That Nigga
Sun to Sun-Everyday All Day
Surfing the Web-Thinking
Switch Boards-You’re Off the Hook
Switch Lanes-Let Them Know It’s real
T 1-Phone
Tadow-Stop Playing
Tag-n-Bag- Kill/Murder
Take it From the Top-My Bad
Take Out Order-Enemy
Taliban-Everybody Killa
Target-Send That
Television-That Nigga
Test Them- Bring Them Home
That Rock Group From London-Who
That’s Gangsta-My Word
That’s That Hot Shit-Don’t Talk, Just Listen
That’s That-No Doubt
The Blood Bang-You My Dog
The Source-Porn Book
The Whole New Tiddy-Flaggin’
They be Knowing-5%er/God Body
Thick Like Quick-Bloods
Third Eye-Watch’em Close
Three Piece BB’s-Blood Love
Three Time-I love My Set
Three Way Split-Get Outside Contact
Thriller Miller-Ain’t Think About Nothing
Throw Flames-Send A Kite
Throw the R Up-Make Sure You Come Back
Throw Then Treys Up-You’re Right
Thug Life-I Love My Set
Thug Life-Till the Death of Me
Thunder and Lightning-Get That Nigga
Tick Tock-Ain’t No Love
Tie the Knot-Bring Him Home
Tight Pimping-You the Man
Time For the Percolator-Leave/Bounce
Timex-Lay Low
To The Wire-He’s Got to Get it Soon
Tony Starks-Valentine Bloods (set)
Too Cone-Knife
Top of the World-What’s Up
Toss it Up-Shakedown
Touch the Heavens-Bounce
Trick With It-Money
Triple 4’s-Don’t Make Us Look Bad By Not Repping
Triple Black Benz-Creeping
Triple Five-Razor
Triple O’s Fo Sho-Ghetto Star
Triple Platinum-Gun
Trying to Play Me to the Left-You’re Wrong
Tupac and Biggie-Be on Point for Ambush
Tupac-Everybody Killer
Turntable-I Hear You Dog
Type Real-No Doubt
Up & Up-Speak on It
Up Close-Rob Them
Up The wall-Fuck You Dog
Up Top-You Hear Me Dog
Vegetarian-Never Eat Food
Viper-I Need
Virgin Mary Type-Never Eats Food
Wake Up-He’s Lying
Washington, DC-Be On Point
Watts-It’s Real Good
Web Cam-With
West Wide Harvard-Fuck Everyone Who Ain’t Blood
Westside-Much Love
What You Don’t Know-Acting Up
What’s the Reason for Treason-You Fuck With the Enemy
What’s Your Blood Type-Set
What’s Your Claim To Fame?-What Set you Claim
White Castle-He’s Food
White Clouds-Base Heads
White Mans Justice, Black Mans Grief-Go to Court
White Rose-Mother
Who Dat-He’s Food
Who ever/What ever-Death Row
Whoop Whoop-Westside Rule
Wig Tip-Scribe
Window Shopping-Dress His Ass Up, then Eat Him
Window Tints-Shorty Fucking Me
Wing Tip-Kite
Wolf Pack-Hold it Down
Wood Grain In The Drop-Mom
Yellow Back-That Nigga Pussy
Yo Fool, He Alright-I Hate That Nigga
You Ain’t Gotta Touch Them-They’re Feeling Us
You Ain’t Know-Acting Up
You Already Know-Good Looking Out
You Da Best Da Da-Not Feeling Him
You Gangsta-It’s On
You Got Tags?-Are You Blood?
You See What I See-Play Your Gate
Young Guns-We All We Got
Zip-Trey-Ace-People Blood

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