Wargaming: Enabling the Warfighter for the Future


Headquarters U.S. Air Force

  • 40 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • April 1, 2009


  • Air Staff Operational Strategy ‘Think Tank’
  • Advocating Proper Role of Air, Space, and

Cyberspace Operations

  • Shape Joint Issues and Concept Development
  • Design and Globally Execute CSAF’s Mid-Term Title 10 Wargame
  • ‘Unified Engagement’ – Bi-Annual w/ Focus on Warfighting

Concepts and Capabilities 10-15 Years Out

  • ‘Building Partnership Capacity’ Seminars and Mini-games
  • Support Other Service & Joint Wargames
  • Coordinate/Participate with Subject Matter Experts
  • Represent Approved AF Positions
  • Ensure Proper Rep of Force Structures / Capability Descriptions
  • We are Envelope-Pushing Integrators
  • We Don’t Create Models and Simulations, We Find Ways to Adapt Them to The Challenging Wargame Environment
  • Focus is On Data Translation / Integration and Office Tools

Implements wargaming portions of Policy Directive 10-23 ‘Innovation Program’

  • Provides definitions
  • Identifies Executive Agents & OPRs
  • A5X responsible for Unified Engagement (previously Global Engagement) series, to explore emerging warfighting concepts 10-15 years into the future; coordinates AF support to mid-term games of other Services, OSD, Joint Staff, Unified Commands
  • AF/A8X responsible for Future Capabilities series to explore alternative futures and force structure to support strategic planning, 15-plus years out; coordinates AF support to far-term games of other Services, OSD, Joint Staff, Unified Commands

  • Wargames are a Mix of Art and Science
  • Primarily Human-driven Intellectual Events – Subject Matter Experts In Discussions
  • Supported By MS&A and Visualization Tools, Information Technology
  • Constantly Evolving Objectives, Methodology, Scenarios, Tools
  • Information-intensive and Time-constrained
  • Very Limited Time to Learn New Tools or Interfaces
  • Try to Use What Participants are Used to at Work and at Home
  • Expose Participants to Game Tools Early In Planning Process
  • Capstone Events Typically Conducted at An Offsite Facility
  • Large Stand-alone Network With Rented or Borrowed Machines
  • Network, Tools, Data, Client Images Must Be Developed and Integrated Before The Game and Deployed
  • A5XS Maintains Core Expertise and Development Lab to Do This


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