Air Force Advanced Technical Exploitation Contract


National Air and Space Intelligence Center

  • Air Force ISR Agency
  • Ms Karen Holland, Senior Intelligence Analyst
  • Unclassified
  • For Official Use Only
  • Oct 25, 2007

AF Service Intelligence Center (SIC)

  • Emphasis on Scientific & Technical Intelligence

Data Exploitation Center

  • Large data infrastructure

Leader in developing algorithms, tools and data exploitation processes


Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) MASINT Executive Agent
• National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

  • Imagery Derived MASINT- Advanced Geospatial Intelligence (AGI)
  • Air Force Tech Sensor Program – MASINT

• DIA Executive Agent & NGA National Center of Excellence

  • Tasking, Processing, Exploitation & Dissemination (TPED)
  • ~ 600 Personnel


• Basis for Formation

  • AFIT, AFRL, and NASIC share complementary MASINT/AGI capabilities development activities
  • All located at WPAFB
  • Each pursuing leading edge technology for future MASINT/AGI

• Research, Thesis & Dissertation

  • Lecture series & workshops

• Goals:

  • Increase MASINT/AGI collaboration
  • Create cadre of MASINT/AGI expertise
  • Improve remote sensing & data exploitation for MASINT/AGI


• Time Dominant Exploitation (TD): Rapid and generally automated exploitation and reporting with adequate human intervention to produce actionable intelligence. This activity ranges from data processing to initial data interpretation to data posting for rapid dissemination/access across the community. It supports current intelligence issues and threats, warning/combat/crisis operations, and cueing other intelligence collectors. TD is typically is performed on the operations floor and is single-INT; however, in some cases the summary reporting can be multi-INT.
• Time Constrained/Content-Centric Exploitation (TC3): Timely data exploitation combined with more human analysis and interpretation than TD to produce actionable intelligence. The quality of the observable estimates is more accurate than TD reporting. TC3 supports combat/crisis operations and strategic policy decisions. TC3 may require some specialized physical sciences-centric knowledge of GEOINT phenomenology. TC3 can be single-INT, multi-source, and/or multi-INT.
• Content Dominant Exploitation (CD): Comprehensive signature and metric analysis of complex data sets. CD supports combat/crisis operations,policy/system acquisition decisions, and/or enhancement of collection sensors and exploitation tools/algorithms. In addition to providing content (i.e. analysis of the event or scene), it also provides context (e.g. trends or background information) and is an input to research and development to create new tools and algorithms. CD often requires highly specialized physical sciences-centric knowledge of GEOINT phenomenology. It is almost always a multi-INT product when other data is available.

AGI is based on Analysis of Non-literal Images


• You can see the object
• You can generally study the shape or form and size of objects as a means to classify, characterize or identify


• You are generally interested in all of the information that comprises a pixel
• You use science and engineering to extract information from a single or a few pixels


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