Bilderberg Meetings 1972 Conference Report Knokke-Heist, Belgium

The following document is part of a series of Bilderberg documents obtained from academic institutions, diplomatic libraries and legal archives spanning a large portion of the group's history.

KNOKKE CONFERENCE 21-23 April 1972

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Date: April 1972
Originating Organization: Bilderberg Group
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The twenty-first Bilderberg Meeting was held at the hotel “La Reserve”, Knokke, Belgium, on 21, 22 and 23 April 1972 under the Chairmanship of H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands.

There were 103 participants from the United States, Canada, Australia and 14 Western European countries, as well as from various international organizations. They consisted of members of governments, politicians, prominent industrialists and bankers, lawyers, journalists, national and international civil servants and outstanding representatives of the academic world and other groups.

In accordance with the rules adopted at each Meeting, all participants spoke in a purely personal capacity without in any way committing whatever government or organization to which they might belong. In order to enable participants to speak with the greatest possible frankness, the discussions were confidential, with no representatives of the press being admitted.

The Agenda was as follows:

The state of the Western community in the light of changing relationships among the non-Communist industrialized countries, and the impact of changing power relationships in the Far East on Western security. The Meeting was opened by H.R.H. The Prince of the Netherlands, who extended a special welcome to the ladies present, this being the first occasion on which women had participated in the Bilderberg Meetings. His Royal Highness conveyed the gratitude of all the participants to their Belgian and Dutch hosts, and read telegrams which he proposed sending to H.M. The King of the Belgians and H.M. The Queen of the Netherlands.

The Prince expressed regret at the absence of Professor John Pesmazoglu, whose request for a passport to attend the Conference had been denied by the Greek authorities.

After recalling the rules of procedure, His Royal Highness turned to .the subject of the Agenda.

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