BP Minerals Management Service Workshop Brief: Unlocking Gulf of Mexico “Technological Challenges”

MMS Workshop

  • 11 pages
  • January 2008


Challenges of Unlocking New Provinces in GoM

• The MMS and industry have a proven track record of collaboration in successfully meeting technology challenges in the Gulf of Mexico and can mutually benefit from a flexible regulatory framework as challenges arise
• An orderly appraisal program which considers dynamic testing and technology development is the key to delivering development.
− Decreased cycle time to first oil
− Enable technology development that will help unlock the next generation of resource development for the country.
− Enable the pursuit of proper activities on a prioritized schedule without having to make inefficient drilling and/or premature exit decisions.
− Allow for the most efficient allocation of scarce resources in service of technology development to enable earlier delivery of oil and gas production.
− Ensure the activities undertaken are consistent with goals of natural resource conservation and fulfill the express purpose of the OCS Lands Act

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