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Internal BP Azerbaijan Subsea Drilling Safety, Security, Environmental Procedure Manuals

A .zip file containing more than one-hundred internal BP documents relating to Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) procedures for the company’s operations in Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Business Unit/AzSPU). The titles of all the documents contained in the file are listed below. Most of the documents are classified internally within BP at the Document Control Tier 2 level. Many of the documents appear to reflect procedural revisions made following the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

(U//LES) Central Florida Intelligence Exchange BP Protest Warning

The following scheduled protests are a part of “Seize BP Week of Action”, which are demonstrations that are being held throughout the country between 3 June and 10 June 2010. The purpose of the protests is to convince the United States government to seize BP’s assets and to “ensure justice” for all of the devastation that has been caused in the Gulf of Mexico from the disaster of the Deepwater Horizon.

BP Uses Outsourced Indian Company to Demand Removal of Document from Public Intelligence

On August 5, 2010 we received a message from a Riyas Paramban who purportedly represents the Information Technology and Services (IT&S) Digital Security Alert Centre of BP plc. The notice requests that we remove a document concerning BP’s use of RFID technology for tracking not only equipment, but its own employees, specifying that the material is “BP Confidential and disclosure of this document may lead to security breach.”

BP Propaganda Poetry

At first glance, the process looks chaotic, but after a minute of watching the orchestration a brilliant concert plays out. One of the young men of the Alabama National Guard is from a town not far from the work on Dauphin Island’s west end, as are many others in his outfit. He says that being on active duty in the place he calls home is something state guards hope for. Though they go wherever and whenever they are deployed, often overseas, working to protect home surf and turf is always a welcome assignment. Sweat-stained brows, hands sticky with salty sand, throats parched from Gulf Coast winds and heat, these soldiers of Alabama are producing a visible protection as mile after mile of shoreline become lined with a solid defence against the oil spill should it come ashore. These ‘boxes’, when full of sand are often used as barriers against mortar fire in war zones. Some of these guardsmen have been behind them overseas. They don’t seem to care, however, whether they are used to stop weapons or an oil spill – they care that what they are accomplishing as a team is protecting home.