U.S. Navy

U.S. Fleet Forces Naval Oceanography Overview

Warfighter Support

•Fleet Operations
–Direct support to CSG and ARG commanders, and Joint and contingency operations worldwide

•Maritime Operations
–Routine ship weather forecasts
–Joint Typhoon Warning Center

•Aviation Operations
–Flight Route Weather Briefings via internet-based Flight Weather Briefer

–Multi-purpose Survey Ships
–Fleet Survey Team

Team Submarine Technology Insertion Hardware Full and Open Competition

• TI Hardware is a new competitive procurement
– It is notan extension of the legacy AN/UYQ-70 program
• TI Hardware will provide the latest generation of display, processor and network units to Team Submarine systems
– Host for the TI-12 and TI-14 Technology Insertions
• Anticipated components include
– Computer processing and memory
– Data storage and extraction
– Input/Output (I/O) interfaces to support the processing system designed around commercially available hardware and software
• Procurements may include
– Upgrade kits, enclosures and / or full up systems for Seawolf, SSGN, 688/688i, VIRGINIA Class, COLLINS Class and future submarine systems/platforms

Camp Pendleton Phone Book

DO NOT DISCUSS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ON NONSECURE TELEPHONES. OFFICIAL DOD TELEPHONES ARE SUBJECT TO MONITORING FOR COMMUNICATION SECURITY PURPOSES AT ALL TIMES. DOD telephones are provided for the transmission of official government information and are subject to communications security monitoring at all times.

Unknown Navy Project

This site is in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall just south of the railroad bridge that runs beside Route 1 and I-395, approximately 2 miles northeast of the Pentagon. The site is comprised of 2 large temporary buildings, one of which has large exhaust fans on the roof. As of 2006, there were signs at the site for Kiewet, a prominent tunneling firm. According to a Washington Post article from November 26, 2004, the Navy controls the site and describes it as a “utility assessment and upgrade”. The article says that “theories abound about the four-acre complex, which is dead center in a ring that includes the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport and the National War College. Is it a sophisticated sensor station, guarding the 14th Street bridge and other Potomac River crossings? Is it an excavation point for underwater barriers to protect the Washington Channel and Potomac River from submarines? Is it a staging area for Navy Seabees securing underwater cables between the White House and the Pentagon, across the river?”