CDC Director’s H1N1 Update Brief July 17, 2009


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  • July 17, 2009

Novel 2009-H1 N1 Declarations

  • WHO: Pandemic Phase 6(11 JUN 2009 1600 EDT)
  • Outbreaks in at least one country in > two WHO regions
  • USG: Public Health Emergency declared (26 Apr 2009)
  • HHS: Downgraded to Phase 1 Awareness (9 May 2009)

To date any evidence of …

Change in epidemiology
• Different age distribution of cases or severe cases from US? NO
• Different profile of pre-existing conditions from US? No

Change in virus characteristics?
• Different virus strain associated with severe cases? NO
• Community spread of oseltamivir-resistant novel 2009-H1N1? No

Change in timing?
• Earlier start to influenza season following novel 2009-Hi Ni introduction? Mixed evidence

Change in health care impact?
• Increase in hospitalizations following novel 2009-Hi Ni introduction? Limited evidence
• Increase in proportion of hospitalized eases in ICU? Limited evidence

Change in transmission?
HH and community attack rates> seasonal influenza??


Port Preparedness Planning
– Contingency plans for conducting entry screening at 19 ports of entry in

  • Deadline for completion of contingency plans is August 1

– HHS acquiring 100 surge staff to support 20 quarantine stations

  • Commitment to provide surge staff for 1 year
  • Estimated duration of surge support activation is 4 weeks
  • Surge staff requested to report for duty within 24 hours
  • List of surge staff generated through NDMS and will include 5 local staff for each quarantine station
  • Projected completion of surge list is July 17
  • Identified surge staff will have PHA-type skills set (nurses, EMTs, etc.)

Port surveillance
– 595 ILl cases reported in QARS since June 1, 2009:

  • 35-airtravelers
  • 5 land travelers
  • 555 maritime travelers


Genetic and Antigenic Analysis of S. Hemisphere Virus Isolates
• Hemagglutination Inhibition assay shows no change in antigen icity from those isolated in the N. Hemisphere: All crossreact with the A/California/07/2009 vaccine strain.
• All isolates from Southern Hemisphere as of today are Oseltamivir
sensitive in functional assay

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