(U//FOUO) Colorado Information Analysis Center Bulletin: Marijuana Infused Edibles


CIAC Alert Bulletin

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  • March 19, 2014


(U//FOUO) The State of Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2012 and recreational marijuana in 2014. There has been an increased amount of marijuana infused products sold to the public. The products range from fruit chewz, gummiez, cupcakes, truffles, rice krispy treats, butter, and banana bread. It is extremely difficult to differentiate between marijuana infused products and non-infused products if the original packaging is not with the product.

(U//FOUO) A new Colorado law signed 17 March 2014 extends the same packaging requirements to medical marijuana products as they exist for recreational pot. This is part of an effort to keep marijuana edibles away from minors. Critics say it is too easy for someone to confuse infused products with their non-infused products, or to ingest higher quantities of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, than they intend. There have been concerns about the accuracy of testing and labeling of edibles. On 1 May 2014 all edibles sold from businesses must be tested for potency.

(U//FOUO) In March 2014 there were two documented cases of marijuana infused edibles being consumed by minors. The first case involved a middle school student who took marijuana infused candies to school and shared them with friends. The students were unaware the candy was infused with marijuana. The second case involved an 18 year old who ate a marijuana infused candy bar that was not in its package. The 18 year old did not realize it was infused with marijuana and was treated for marijuana overdose. The effects associated with edibles are comparable to smoking marijuana however the effects are known to take longer to feel but last longer because the edibles are digested rather than processed through the lungs.

(U//FOUO) Beyond MarsUSBUS is one website that has a list of their edible products and the production information for the edible. The website describes the treats as adult favorites but with a twist. The sticky ickies are made with melted butter, marshmallows, rice krispies, and clean pure cannabis Huxley’sUSBUS oil.

(U//FOUO) There are numerous websites and dispensaries that sell marijuana infused products and edibles. Infused products such as butter, honey, oils, apple butter, and marinara sauce make it possible to cook marijuana infused edibles that do not have to be labeled with a THC warning. This makes regulating these products almost impossible. Marijuana infused products and edibles can be brought in to establishments such as schools, jails, offices, military bases and hospitals without being detected. This is a cause for concern for public health and safety.

(U//FOUO) With Colorado leading the way in the legalization of retail marijuana sales, it is expected that additional laws will be passed to address problems or loopholes as they are identified. Marijuana infused edibles and products are an easy alternative to smoking and are more attractive to those who have an interest in trying marijuana but prefer to be discreet. The popularity of marijuana infused edibles will increase the likelihood that someone will ingest it unintentionally as well as allow the products to be brought into locations where marijuana is not allowed and can go undetected.

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