Confidential Texas Police CJIS Mobile Data Terminal Training Manual

Using Zclient v

  • Harris County Law Enforcement TLETS Edition
  • 35 pages
  • Confidential
  • Restricted
  • For Law Enforcement Use Only
  • 2009


Site Security Policy

The computer site must have adequate physical security to protect against any unauthorized
viewing or access to computer terminals, access devices, or stored / printed data at all times.
Such sites include locations or vehicles housing Mobile Data Terminals ( MDT ) or personal/laptop
computers capable of accessing FBI Criminal Justice Information Network .

Blanking the screen of the laptop or MDT by use of a password-protected screensaver is
recommended, when the officer or operator is away from the terminal (10 min’s) with password

Access to the terminal area should be restricted to the minimum number of authorized employees
required for operations.

Each individual who is authorized to access and / or transmit information on a Harris County
Regional Radio MDT system shall be uniquely identified.

The unique identification can take the form of a Unit number , employee or badge number, password,
unique system alphanumeric identifier and equipment number.

New Password enhanced Zclient will require a TLET’S IDs, the client has a 8 character field for

Passwords must be 12 characters, 3 of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. Password
must be changed every 903 days.

What Databases does Zclient 5 support..?
•MVD…. Returns motor vehicle registration data
•TCIC… Returns stolen vehicle, and wanted persons information
•NCIC… Returns stolen vehicle,articles, and wanted persons
•NLETS..Provides support for inquiring other state’s MVD and LIDR
•LIDR…. Returns driver license information
•SETCIC.. Returns notification of an outstanding local Agencies warrants.
•DOT HAZMAT….Returns information on a Hazardous material.

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