(U//FOUO) DHS Bulletin: Domestic Violent Extremist Activity Likely in Response to US Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

The following bulletin was originally obtained and published by CNN.

Domestic Violent Extremist Activity Likely in Response to US Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

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Date: June 24, 2022
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(U//FOUO) Some domestic violent extremists (DVEs) will likely exploit the recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade to intensify violence against a wide range of targets. We expect violence could occur for weeks following the release, particularly as DVEs may be mobilized to respond to changes in state laws and ballot measures on abortion stemming from the decision. We base this assessment on an observed increase in violent incidents across the United States following the unauthorized disclosure in May of a draft majority opinion on the case.

(U//FOUO) Federal and state government officials—including judges—and facilities probably are most at risk for violence in response to the decision. In late May, a network of loosely affiliated suspected violent extremists, known as “Jane’s Revenge”—which has been linked to arson attacks against the buildings of ideological opponents—shared a post online encouraging a “night of rage” following the Supreme Court announcement, stating, “we need the state to feel our full wrath” and “we need them to be afraid of us.” An individual is now awaiting trial for a plot in June to kill a US Supreme Court Justice in response to the draft opinion. A separate incident in Michigan involved vandalism claimed by “Jane’s Revenge” on a building that houses a US Representative’s campaign office and a pro-life advocacy group.

  • (U//FOUO) First amendment-protected events following the released decision also probably will be attractive targets for a range of DVEs to commit violence against ideological opponents. On 22 June, an unidentified social media user posted content encouraging violence in response to the “night of rage” and told followers to “prepare to defend” themselves and “don’t lock and load either. Load then lock,” according to US Capitol Police.
  • (U//FOUO) Both reproductive and family advocacy healthcare facilities likely will continue to remain primary targets for criminal incidents, and violence could escalate against these facilities or personnel. Since May, at least three arson attacks targeting pregnancy resource centers in Oregon and New York and a family advocacy group’s headquarters in Wisconsin have been claimed by “Jane’s Revenge”. In May and June, suspected DVEs opposed to abortion rights conducted arson attacks targeting a reproductive healthcare facility in Wyoming and a vacant building that was formerly a reproductive healthcare facility in Washington. Also, in June, a suspected racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist posted online calling for attacks against abortion-related targets in reaction to “Jane’s Revenge” activity.
  • (U//FOUO) Faith-based organizations across the United States continue to report numerous criminal incidents against religious institutions connected to abortion rights. We are aware of at least 11 incidents of vandalism threatening violence targeting religious facilities perceived as being opposed to abortion, and one threat to “bomb” and “burn” a church in New York. These incidents of vandalism against faith-based organizations could indicate future targets of DVE attacks.

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