Internal BP Azerbaijan Subsea Drilling Safety, Security, Environmental Procedure Manuals

The following .zip file contains more than one-hundred internal BP documents relating to Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) procedures for the company’s operations in Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Business Unit/AzSPU). The titles of all the documents contained in the file are listed below.  Most of the documents are classified internally within BP at the Document Control Tier 2 level.  Many of the documents appear to reflect procedural revisions made following the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Earlier versions of some of the manuals were previously released by this site.

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BP International

  • BP Operating Management System Framework

Azerbaijan Business Unit/AzSPU

  • Action Tracking Using Tr@ction
  • Application of the Waste Passport System
  • Benzene Exposure Risk Management
  • BP Logistics Baku Sea Port Station (BSPS) Security Procedures Post orders
  • Caspian Region: Best Practice Guidance In Waste Management for Waste Transportation, Storage, Treatment and Disposal Companies
  • Chemical and Hazardous Materials Management Procedure
  • Compliance Task Verification Procedure
  • Continuous Improvement Strategy
  • Contractor HSE Audit Procedure
  • Control of Portable and Transportable Equipment
  • Control of Portable and Transportable Equipment Hired Equipment Supplier Specific Inspection Requirements
  • Control of Work Training Policy
  • Compliance Task Development Procedure
  • Crisis, Continuity Management and Emergency Response (CCM&ER) Training Standards
  • Display Screen Equipment Management Programme
  • Driver Fatigue & Tiredness Management Procedure
  • Electrical Safety Guidelines
  • Environmental and Social Aspects/Impacts Identification and Significance Screening Procedure
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Management Process
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Procedure
  • External Audit and Self-Assurance Program
  • First Aid Management Programme
  • First Aid Response by Security Procedure
  • Fitness for Task Management Programme
  • Food Safety Management Programme
  • Guidance on use of the State Flag and other State Symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Hand-Arm Vibration Programme
  • HSE Training, Awareness and Competence Procedure
  • Heat Stress Management Programme
  • 2010 HSSE & Operations Integrity Risk Matrix
  • Practice for Assessment, Prioritization, and Management of HSSE&O Risks
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Social (HSSE&S) Communications Procedure
  • HSE Foundation Competencies
  • HSE Legal & Regulatory Requirements Procedure
  • HSSE Calibration Procedure
  • HSSE&S MS Operational Control Procedure
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Policy
  • HSSE&S Management System Management Review Procedure
  • HSSE Document Management Procedure
  • IMT Emergency Response Resources Guide
  • Incident Investigation and Reporting Procedure
  • Incident Management System Manual
  • Integrated Pest Control Management Program
  • Integrated Self-Assurance Plan
  • Internal & External Material Release Reporting & Notification Procedure
  • Legionella Control Management Programme
  • Lessons Learned Process
  • List of HSE Definitions
  • Management of Change Procedure
  • Management of Change Procedure Appendix 1
  • Manual Handling Management Programme
  • Mass Casualty Medical Management Plan
  • Medical Case Management Program
  • Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals import Permit
  • Noise Management and Hearing Conservation Programme
  • Non-Compliances and Non-Conformances Corrective and Preventative Action Procedure
  • Objectives, Targets and Management Programs
  • Office Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Manual
  • Offshore Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Offshore Sea Survival Training and Medical Policy Procedure
  • Operations Azerbaijan Evacuee Management Plan
  • Pandemic Preparedness Medical Response Plan
  • OHSAS 18001-2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Requirements Checklist
  • Procedure for Control of Work
  • Procedure for Permit to Work
  • Procedure for Asbestos Risk Management
  • Procedure for Authorization
  • Procedure for Confined Space Entry
  • Procedure for Control of Protective System Overrides and Alarm Blocks
  • Procedure for Deceased Personnel
  • Procedure for Deviations
  • Procedure for Diving & Subsea Operations
  • Procedure for AZSPU Driving Safety Standard
  • Procedure for Energy Isolation – Electrical
  • Procedure for Energy Isolation – Process
  • Procedure for Excavations and Trenches
  • Procedure for Fire Prevention, Detection and Response
  • Procedure for Hot Work Naked Flame
  • Procedure for Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Procedure For Leak Testing of In-Service Equipment
  • Procedure for Lifting Operations
  • Procedure for Machine Guards
  • Procedure for Man Riding Operations
  • Procedure for Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Procedure for Operation and Maintenance of Gas Detection Fixed & Portable Equipment
  • Procedure for Operation & Maintenance of Tumble Dryers
  • Procedure for Personal Protective Equipment
  • Procedure for Scaffolding and Portable Ladders
  • Procedure for Task Risk Assessment
  • Procedure for Transportable Compressed Gas Cylinders (Azerbaijan and Georgia)
  • Procedure for Management of Radioactive Materials and Radiation Generators
  • Procedure for Task Risk Assessment
  • Procedure for Transportation of Radioactive Materials
  • Procedure for Welding and Cutting
  • Procedure for Working at Heights
  • Pyrotechnics Import Permit Procedure
  • Radiation Contingency Plan
  • Record Control Procedure
  • Respiratory Protection Programme
  • Safe System of Work for Management of Marine Assurance
  • Safety Observation & Conversation Training Program
  • Scope and Frequency of Fitness for Task and Health Surveillance Assessments
  • Sickness Absence Management Programme
  • Stress Management Programme
  • Substance Abuse Management Programme
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Waste Management Instructions
  • Waste Management Strategy for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey
  • Waste Streams Register
  • Warden System Manual
  • Water Quality Management Program

Excerpt from BP Document Control Procedure:

Controlled HSSE Document – Controlled electronic document that details critical HSSE tasks and requires periodic review and/or revision. This includes HSSE manuals, procedures, drawings, or other documents directly related to HSSE compliance activities including documents that describe the control of significant environmental and social aspects, hazards or risks. Controlled HSSE documents do not include records, as these are controlled in accordance with the AzSPU HSSE Records Control Procedure (AZSPU-HSSE-DOC-00041-2).

Document Control Tier – Controlled HSSE documents are classified in accordance with the Tier at which the document is applicable. The tiered system for controlled documents is as follows:
– Tier 1 – Documents applicable at BP Group / Segment level
– Tier 2 – Documents applicable at AzSPU / Function level
– Tier 3 – Documents applicable to Operating Areas
– Tier 4 – Documents applicable to Sectors
– Tier 5 – Documents applicable to Operating Facilities.

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