Max Planck Institute Brandenburg License Plate Scanning, Access to Telecommunications Data and Mobile Phone Localization Study

The following report and presentation were compiled by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, a quasi-governmental research institution funded by the German government, regarding controversial police powers in the German state of Brandenburg including automated license plate searches, mobile phone localization and access to telecommunications data.

Recht und Praxis der anlassbezogenen automatischen Kennzeichenfahndung, Verkehrsdatenabfrage und Mobilfunkortung zur Gefahrenabwehr in BrandenburgLaw and practise of automatic number plate scanning, access to telecommunications data and mobile phone localization in the German state of Brandenburg 184 pages April 2011 Download PDF
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Verkehrsdatenabfrage, Mobilfunkortung, KennzeichenfahndungTelecommunications Data Records, Mobile Phone Localization, License Plate Scanning 16 pages October 2011 Download PDF
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