Modesto Police Department Correspondence with Predictive Policing Company PredPol, Inc.

The following documents containing email correspondence between the Modesto Police Department and PredPol, Inc. were obtained by journalist Darwin BondGraham via the California Public Records Act.  BondGraham’s Twitter account was suspended following a complaint issued by PredPol, Inc. after he posted images of a few pages from the documents.  It is unclear what specific content was the reason for the complaint.

Modesto Police Department Correspondence with PredPol, Inc.
261 pages May 2014 – November 2014 Download
(PDF 6.2 MB)


Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_033 Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_034 Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_035 Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_036 Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_037 Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_038 Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_039Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_040Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_085Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_094Modesto-PredPol-1_Page_098

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